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I am passionate about 2 things: people and how to learn more to help people. Finance is fascinating to me, so I want to know everything I can to truly empower people that I work with. In short, I'm passionate about getting better at my job, to make others better at reaching their goals and enjoying that moment when a person can sit back, relax and let out an, "aawwhh" of relief, because they got to their destination financially, emotionally, and mentally. If my clients don't get to experience that feeling, then I don't either - so we are completely in this together.

I have a particularly broad but deep set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career as a business owner. Skills that make me an asset for my clients as a Financial Adviser.

As a Financial Adviser, I can live out my passion to help you with your financial life-plan. This will get you to the financial future you dream about. People usually don’t know what they don’t know. I get excited to partner with someone to get from point A to point B with their expectations. It’s a journey, and I love to be part of that. Sometimes the journey might take us on a tangent, and that is fine, as long as we get there in the end. My experience in this industry since 2002 will stand us in good stead.

Syd has over 29 years in the financial industry, giving advice on personal and business risk insurance. In 2007 he achieved the Millions Club with Fidelity Life, with over a million dollars in (Risk only) in force premium. Syd has previously worked for the BNZ, was an agent for AMP for 10 years achieving membership in AMP's "Half Million Dollar Club".

Eru was born in Waiouru Military Camp and spent his early childhood years in Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia before attending Waihi Boys School and Christ’s College. He then joined the New Zealand Army, serving as a rifleman in 2/1 Battalion, Burnham. After leaving the army he spent five years travelling in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa.

I am a Financial Adviser with a wealth of international experience having worked in a variety of countries. I am passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and guiding them through life’s journey. I love helping create a degree of certainty in an uncertain environment. I really enjoy hearing what peoples “Bucket List” is and try and put a plan in place to help them achieve this.

Hi, I’m Christine, born and bred in Christchurch. Although I’ve lived here and there over the years, this is my home, the place where I feel the greatest connection. I've also been in the financial industry for 30 plus years, so have learnt a thing or two along the way. Besides my 3 golden rules which I have followed throughout my life, I have also learnt to keep it simple, and the wisdom of knowing how and when to seek good advice.

With over 20 years’ leadership experience working in investment and financial services, I bring a wide range of knowledge and skills to Lifetime and my clients. My passion for delivering exceptional customer satisfaction saw me promoted into the role of Client Support Manager with a previous employer.

Now with Lifetime Group, I’m using my expertise and enthusiasm to ensure my clients receive the best possible mortgage advice and insurance options to best suit their needs.

Hi, I'm Dave. To me life is a wonderful adventure and journey to share and enjoy with the people around me. I have been blessed with a truly special family and a career that enables me to help and guide the families I work with to achieve their goals and dreams. Life happens once, time rushes by and sometimes it just makes sense in our busy world to get some solid, dependable and trustworthy help and guidance along the way.

Raised in Wellington I come from a small family (just me and my old man), I am so very blessed to have a large group of amazing friends that more than make up for it! You'll find me in a kitchen cooking up a storm, eating out with friends and solving the worlds problems over a glass or two of something nice or plotting a trip up north so I can get at the beach.

Dealing with both risk insurance and investment I'm passionate about achieving the best outcome for my clients and often the success of the work I've done is only realised when I help clients when they most need it.....claim time! Essentially putting money in someone's hands when they need it most means I've done my job. Whether that means a health event or a comfortable retirement, I'm happy either way.

I come from a very diverse background and bring a wealth of experience to my role. I have served in the Royal New Zealand Navy, worked in the mining industry in Western Australia, and have grown up with my family in and around the real estate industry, with my father owning several real estate franchises and my sister also in the business. Prior to working in Financial Services, I was an agent myself with Mike Pero Real Estate in Auckland.

Having started in the Finance industry 4 years ago I fostered a diverse set of knowledge in Risk with experience in Underwriting and Claims. By 2019 I had found the magic in KiwiSaver & Investing. I want to provide my clients with the knowledge and tools to empower their decision-making around their own financial journeys.

Hi, I'm Todd, I am a Financial Adviser for over 25 years experience and worked in the United Kingdom (11) and New Zealand (14 +). My personal focus is helping people make informed choices and understanding why the choices are made. Helping people working towards comfortable retirement is my goal. The sooner we plan and take action the more likely we are of achieving the desired outcome.

I started off in Private Banking in 2004 and in total have 10 years relationship management experience within the financial industry dealing with High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals. I believe all clients deserve world class service. Sometimes all a client wants to hear is if they will be OK. Spending time with clients to fully understand their wants, needs and aspirations makes me tick. Doing right by my clients and having the satisfaction of knowing I made a difference in their lives is why I do this job.

I am a Financial Adviser, and I really enjoy helping my clients manage risk to ensure that themselves, their families, and their financial plans are protected throughout the ups and downs of life.

I am a qualified financial adviser with over 30 year experience (but please don’t let that put you off). Because my passion isn’t about money - it’s about building a plan.

I am a Southlander and worked on a sheep and beef farm before working in the insurance sector. I enjoy working with young families who are trying to get a start in life and also those who are new to business. I enjoy working with them and see them succeed and grow. Being able to help and point them in the right direction to get the advice they are looking for.

I am a Financial Adviser specialising in Commercial Insurance solutions for SME businesses to large corporate companies. I enjoy working closely with business owners, to really understand how their business works and provide a business insurance package, tailored to meet their individual needs and requirements. Coming from a retail background where I managed my father’s butchery business, I understand the day to day needs and struggles of New Zealand business owners.

Hi, I'm Matt. Who am I? Well, that's a big question but I'm a family man (first and foremost), a sports enthusiast, a board game aficionado, an avid traveler, a debateaholic and an 80's rock fanatic. I am also a financial myth buster. I love busting common financial myth and legend into easily decipherable clear and understandable language. I love turning seemingly complex problems into easy solutions and I love seeing more than anything, my clients have the choice to retire early.

I am a Financial Adviser having worked in the financial services industry since 1989. I strive to add value to all my client relationships by taking the time to really understand what is most important to them. Since joining Lifetime in April 2016 I have enjoyed meeting and helping many clients and their families protect the things in their lives that are most important to them.

I am a passionate and strongly customer-focused person with experience in Domestic Insurance, Small Business Ownership/Operation & Account management/Sales within the Financial, Insurance, and Health Sectors. I entered the insurance industry in 2003 and have been working in the financial services industry for 10 Years now. I have done various roles from customer service to Employee Benefits and Kiwisaver and now adding General Insurance to my skill set.

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and moved to New Zealand 20 years ago.

Not really knowing what I wanted to do career-wise I decided to get into computer and IT sales and quickly rose through the ranks and achieved top 10 sales status in my first year and top Salesperson for the country in my second year in a nationwide company. I then went on into multiple sale roles over the next 17 years, scooping up multiple awards as I went. I have spent the last few years in Real Estate sales due to my interest in property. My interest in property and finance lead to my career with Lifetime Group where I can apply my people skills and advice in an area of great interest, to ensure my clients financial success.

Hi, I'm James and I'm a Financial Adviser! Sure there are lots of variables in our busy lives but ultimately there are only a finite number of levers we can pull and buttons we can push to help you reach your financial goals. I like to keep things simple for my clients and free from as much stress as I can. You shouldn't have to worry about the return on your money, but you should be able to enjoy what you can do with your money.

I am a big fan of good old-fashioned 'plan ahead of time' approach - be it work or everyday life! For me it is a real joy to be able to design/deliver a relevant, simple yet practical solution for a given problem. I am passionate about using my skills and experience to cater to the needs of my clients and to help them reach their life goals.

I am passionate about offering sound and practical advice that help people achieve their financial goals and priorities which I so appreciate the trust they put in me to work with them to do this. I believe this is the basis of a strong, long lasting relationship. Ensuring clients have a pleasant experience working with us is important to me as well as having a good understanding of the information I provide.

For the past 10 years I have worked with Mike O'Donnell of Central Brokers Insurance Limited specialising in the group market for the Financial Services industry. We merged with Lifetime Group Limited in 2018. I am now the Group and Employee Benefits Specialist for the Wellington region, working in the team of the group insurance market of Lifetime, helping our clients get the best benefits for their employees and set up employee benefit programmes. I live in the beautiful Wairarapa, love spending time with family and friends, and acknowledge how lucky we are enjoying the rivers, outdoors, gorgeous vineyards and cafes that surround us.

A New Plymouth local, I am the proud dad of a daughter and four boys, and love spending time with my wife making the most of the beaches and cafes that Taranaki has to offer.

Our industry is about helping people and businesses make informed choices. My purpose is to make positive changes and to add value through my client's life stages. This may mean protecting your family and/or business insurance needs or Kiwi Saver/Retirement and Investment goals. I want to offer my clients a personalised service and help them make smart financial choices.

First and foremost I'm a family man! As a former international cricketer I still enjoy playing and coaching. People, I love engaging with and meeting new people and finding out what makes them tick, hearing their stories. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family - somewhere on a walkway, in a park, at the beach or with some meat on the fire and a glass of red, in the company of good friends.

I help people to protect what is important to them, whether it is family, or business, from the potential financial losses associated with sickness, disability or dying. With over 25 years of experience as an adviser you can rely on my knowledge and life experience to ensure that we provide the best solutions to risk management.

I was born and raised in Sri Lanka. I started my career at 19 as an intern in the banking & finance industry. Fast forward a few years, I moved to New Zealand and specialized in property investment and mortgages. As an adviser, I enjoy guiding people towards their financial goals . Managing money isn't easy so why do it alone? Let me help you with the technical side of things, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

I’m a proud Certified Financial Planner based in Auckland but with clients everywhere. I’ve been helping people live their best lives with great financial planning for 20 years. My wife, Jude and I are shareholders in Lifetime and believe strongly in the company's values and purpose. My own retirement is a long way off and my young ones Sophie and Oliver require feeding for a few years to come so I welcome new clients!

Born and raised in Southland, Nathaniel has passion and pride in his ever changing province. Practical and down to earth are qualities Nathaniel's clients appreciate about him, along with his professional approach to ensuring everyone, from professionals to families, have financial peace of mind should unforeseen circumstances arise.

I want to use my wisdom, experience and love of people to inspire them to start designing the life they want through creating financial freedom. Helping people to gain clarity about what it is they want and what that life actually looks like for them. I was always inspired by the quote “The purpose of work is to fund a magnificent life.”

I have been helping people plan for their financial futures since 1992. In the early days I worked along side my father who already had over 20 years experience in this industry. You learn a lot over that time. Probably the best lesson I can pass on is if you want to be a successful investor never have to many eggs in one basket- spread them around and diversify.

I am an Financial Adviser who is passionate about helping people to visualize their financial journey, and would encourage everyone to have a personal financial plan - the earlier the better as it is never to early to start thinking about the future! It is easy to aim for goals in life, but not always simple to keep on the path to get there, many rocks can get in the way. As your financial coach I can help you keep focused on this. The foundation for our long term professional relationship is one of trust and confidence ensuring strength and certainty.

I've worked in the banking and insurance industry for more than 35 years; with the last 28 helping my clients to ensure that what's important to them, their families and their businesses is protected. It's rewarding to see how personalized planning of life, health and disability insurance benefits can make a huge difference when claim time comes around. I find it exciting how strategic planning around life insurance can play a key, cost-effective role in the successful and fair transfer of inter-generational assets, particularly in the farming sector.

Hello, my name is Bruce, and I like helping people make good decisions about life, I enjoy helping people make sensible decisions about money management and wealth creation. I specialise in people relationships in helping clients clarify their thinking and planning with respect to life, relationships, money, and wealth creation, through research and proven life principles.

Early in my career I discovered I loved investments. I spent the next 30+ years working my way across the global financial markets first in the US, then the UK and now in NZ. During my career I gained valuable experience as a security analyst, risk manager, fixed income trader, fund manager and for the last 15 years, providing financial advice in New Zealand. I specialise in helping my clients prepare for retirement whether that be building a custom plan from scratch or just fine-tuning an existing plan.

I moved to NZ with my family in 2003 and now live in Warkworth with my wife & our highly energetic rescue pup. I am hugely grateful for the life we have created here in NZ, so my mission as a Financial Adviser is to help you pave a life ahead that excites you.

Having over 10 years’ experience in the financial planning industry I have seen first hand the difference that financial stability and success has on people’s happiness and their ability to lead the lives they wish to. While my moto for every client is Save, Invest and Protect I also understand that no single approach is the right one for every single client.

I have called Christchurch home for 18 years after moving with my family from Riga in Latvia. I have been in finance industry for over 10 years and love helping people to get into their first house, dream house and building wealth through property investing.

I am financial adviser specializing in personal insurances. My wife and I came to Marlborough in December 2018, and we have enjoyed every minute of it since we arrived from Auckland. In a smaller community there is a greater sense or belonging and people looking after each other.

I believe it’s very important to have a plan for your future wealth and things you want to achieve or do. It gives us purpose and something to aim for. However nothing is guaranteed in life and I’m passionate to help people make sure there is a back up plan when things go wrong. I like to take the worry away for my clients and become that trusted person that has their back.

Hi my name is Taviri. I grew up in finance having started my first job at a bank when I was 18 and it's been all go from then. I enjoy anything to do with helping people. Especially when you see clients come in not knowing if they can achieve the goal of home ownership and the realisation that they can in their faces. And to top it off the excitement in their voice when you call up to say CONGRATULATIONS on the day they move in. That still gives me a buzz after all these years.

Born in Christchurch as number 5 out of 6 kids and a Cantabrian through and through (yes we are catholic :-). Three older brothers instilled a resilience that has stayed with me and my mothers sad passing when I was aged 13, a determination to provide every customer the best insurance coverage or investment plan I can source from the market for a competitive cost.

Born in the lovely city of Christchurch, a bit battered at present, spent my younger years in the Otago area, started working for my dad in the Grocery trade and moved into retail management for a while. finally joining the insurance industry in 1976, then later set up my own insurance broker practice, until sold to Lifetime in 2008.

I am a Financial Adviser, and work with families and individuals to make smart money decisions. I believe that everyone needs a trusted person to help guide them on their financial journey.

Carmen brings to the comprehensive Lifetime table, over eight years’ experience in the insurance/financial world. Starting out in the industry with Southern Cross Medical Care Society & more recently as the Lifetime Health Insurance adviser for Southland & Otago.

I am a Financial Adviser who works with everyday people like you and me to realise your financial goals and dreams but it’s not about money. It’s about you, your passions in life, your family and your loved ones. Life’s journey is not always as smooth as we want it to be. Unexpected events happen that can stop us at times from living every day to the fullest. Your journey could be buying your first home, planning for their retirement, your next big trip or more time with the family.

I have been involved within the Financial Services Industry since 1978. Being an adviser opened up so many more opportunities to find the right solution to fit a particular situation. After 40 years I still get that buzz of helping people achieve those short, medium and long term goals. There is nothing better than helping young people achieve their dream of home ownership.

Allan kicked off his career in the financial services industry in the 1980’s and is a CLU, a Financial Adviser and holds the NZ Diploma in Life Insurance. His passion remains working with clients. Meeting their individual needs, seeing their life goals being fulfilled and ensuring this happens in a hassle free, professional manner is what makes him passionate about his work.

Commencing my career in senior management accountancy roles, I quickly found that my real passion was a love of working with people. I have been a Financial Adviser since 2009, having previously worked with three major New Zealand corporates. I enjoy sitting with my clients and uncovering what is important in their life both now and into the future, working with them to develop a plan to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

I’m passionate about my job here as a Financial Adviser. Being a father of two I know that life is never static which is a good thing, my role here is to ensure that you have a Plan B is in place so the curve balls life throws at us don’t interfere with us achieving our goals and impact upon our families. You will find I am honest, hardworking and at times exhausted as all parents understand.

I am a Financial Adviser (please do not let put you off). My passion is helping people make really good financial decisions based around who you are, what your values are and what your goals and ambitions are. I believe that when a financial plan is based around these parameters, we can look forward to a rich and fulfilling future. We are all individuals and I believe we all need our own personalised plan to achieve our own personal goals.

I am a proud down to earth Southlander, who loves the lifestyle and the people. I enjoy the great outdoors and traveling. I enjoy getting around the region meeting all walks of life. I went to Otago University to study accounting and ended up in the financial advisory trade. Being a Financial Adviser, I get great satisfaction in working alongside clients to develop a personalised road map for their financial independence and security - at each of their life stages.

Hi, I'm Paul, I am a Financial Adviser with over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. I’ve worked in institutional banking overseas, rural banking in Marlborough, property conveyancing and as an owner operator of a vineyard business.

After studying a Bachelor of Business at Massey University, I started my journey into the financial industry. I have a great interest in this sector and have quickly found passion in the investment area of this industry after working briefly as a KiwiSaver specialist.

I was born in the UK and grown in NZ, I have spent my working life in sales and service and managed a vast range of client expectations. I entered the financial services industry in 2007, initially as a Mobile Mortgage Manager helping my clients to achieve their dream of home ownership. It is there that I found my true calling and a very personal commitment to help them to achieve their life goals and stay protected on life's journey.

Melody leads and manages the area of Employee Benefits – helping business and corporate clients to set up their employee benefits programme. A programme that is valued by employers and employees, through group risk, group health, group superannuation and financial education programmes. She believes that everyone benefits from having a trusted person to help them on their financial journey.

Ian has been a passionate protector of business and family finances since 1991 when he got his first Certificate of Practice. An ALU, AFP and Financial Adviser, Ian continually updates his skills and education in order to deliver sound, relevant advice to his risk and investment clients.

Auckland born and raised I am a qualified chartered accountant that started my accounting career working for a well known global accounting firm. I enjoy working alongside my clients to give pragmatic advice and support them on their ventures with many at differing stages of the business life cycle.

Proudly born and raised in Taranaki, I have worked in the financial services industry for almost 30 years, and have enjoyed every minute of it.  It is incredibly rewarding to help clients achieve their personal aspirations and financial goals.  I love my job!

I am a qualified holistic (or fully fledged) adviser who has the desire to help my clients succeed better on their journey to financial independence. I like to partner with my clients to assist them to have clarity around their goals and to give them financial certainty. I call myself a financial GPS; it is not about the destination but rather the journey.

Laurie specialises in the Risk Insurance sector in the Financial services industry. Her experience spans over 30 years. She moved to Christchurch in 2000 where
she built a strong business of her own and sold this recently before moving to Lifetime. Laurie believes it is important to work clients through a full process enabling the client to make an informed decision from a position of knowledge.

I have worked in the insurance industry for 20 years, where I commenced my career working for large New Zealand insurers and then as an Insurance Lawyer for a well-known Auckland law firm which specialised in Insurance Law.

People are my passion and client satisfaction is my aim! I want to help younger people to not make the same mistakes I did! I want to help others make good decisions which will benefit them in the future and attain financial freedom, to help people retire with peace of mind that all their hard work has not been in vain, and assure them the opportunity to live out their lives the way they want to. I’m a simple man with simple life goals: Being there for others and listening, which is a gift I intend to use to the best of my ability.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”-Zig Ziglar

I am a people's person, I love spending time with people chatting about their financial goals, dreams and ideas. A financial event's planner of sorts. People, their stories, accomplishments, successes and failures inspire me to know better and do better. No two stories are the same and that is what makes my job so inspiring. I am an empath by nature and truly "get" the highs and lows of life. I enjoy the pleasure of creating financial plans and seeing the results. I am passionate about life and my favorite quote happens to be: "Love life and life will love you back." I have a zest for life and I truly believe in the power of positive change.

I love property and this is my dream role, getting the finance approved for clients to buy their first home or investment property. I love working with numbers (a chartered accountant) and am very knowledgeable on property matters (studied law/experienced property investor). It is important to take the time to understand why people want to buy a property, and to create a strategy around their 'why'.

I am a specialist mortgage adviser, with 32 years experience in banking. My experience is paramount in assisting clients secure finance to secure their dream of property ownership, whether that is an owner occupied home, an investment home or commercial property. My objectives are based on ensuring that clients get good advice about their lending, that they get a good deal, and that they enjoy the benefits of a loan structure that best suits their goals and objectives.

I love my job. Working with people to help them make smart decisions with their money is very rewarding. I look to help with financial planning as well as investment advice so that clients can achieve the goals that are important to them. A particular focus for me is socially responsible investing – investing in ethical and sustainable ways. Not only does this help clients feel good about they way they invest, it tends to line up with their values.