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Hi, I'm Todd, I am a Financial Adviser for over 25 years experience and worked in the United Kingdom (11) and New Zealand (14 +). My personal focus is helping people make informed choices and understanding why the choices are made. Helping people working towards comfortable retirement is my goal. The sooner we plan and take action the more likely we are of achieving the desired outcome.

I want to use my wisdom, experience and love of people to inspire them to start designing the life they want through creating financial freedom. Helping people to gain clarity about what it is they want and what that life actually looks like for them. I was always inspired by the quote “The purpose of work is to fund a magnificent life.”

I am a Southlander and worked on a sheep and beef farm before working in the insurance sector. I enjoy working with young families who are trying to get a start in life and also those who are new to business. I enjoy working with them and see them succeed and grow. Being able to help and point them in the right direction to get the advice they are looking for.

I’m passionate about my job here as a Financial Adviser. Being a father of two I know that life is never static which is a good thing, my role here is to ensure that you have a Plan B is in place so the curve balls life throws at us don’t interfere with us achieving our goals and impact upon our families. You will find I am honest, hardworking and at times exhausted as all parents understand.

Hi, I'm Dave. To me life is a wonderful adventure and journey to share and enjoy with the people around me. I have been blessed with a truly special family and a career that enables me to help and guide the families I work with to achieve their goals and dreams. Life happens once, time rushes by and sometimes it just makes sense in our busy world to get some solid, dependable and trustworthy help and guidance along the way.

Hi my name is Taviri. I grew up in finance having started my first job at a bank when I was 18 and it's been all go from then. I enjoy anything to do with helping people. Especially when you see clients come in not knowing if they can achieve the goal of home ownership and the realisation that they can in their faces. And to top it off the excitement in their voice when you call up to say CONGRATULATIONS on the day they move in. That still gives me a buzz after all these years.

Dealing with both risk insurance and investment I'm passionate about achieving the best outcome for my clients and often the success of the work I've done is only realised when I help clients when they most need it.....claim time! Essentially putting money in someone's hands when they need it most means I've done my job. Whether that means a health event or a comfortable retirement, I'm happy either way.

Born in Christchurch as number 5 out of 6 kids and a Cantabrian through and through (yes we are catholic :-). Three older brothers instilled a resilience that has stayed with me and my mothers sad passing when I was aged 13, a determination to provide every customer the best insurance coverage or investment plan I can source from the market for a competitive cost.

Ian has been a passionate protector of business and family finances since 1991 when he got his first Certificate of Practice. An ALU, AFP and Financial Adviser, Ian continually updates his skills and education in order to deliver sound, relevant advice to his risk and investment clients.

I am passionate about offering sound and practical advice that help people achieve their financial goals and priorities which I so appreciate the trust they put in me to work with them to do this. I believe this is the basis of a strong, long lasting relationship. Ensuring clients have a pleasant experience working with us is important to me as well as having a good understanding of the information I provide.

Eru was born in Waiouru Military Camp and spent his early childhood years in Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia before attending Waihi Boys School and Christ’s College. He then joined the New Zealand Army, serving as a rifleman in 2/1 Battalion, Burnham. After leaving the army he spent five years travelling in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa.

Hi, I’m Christine, born and bred in Christchurch. Although I’ve lived here and there over the years, this is my home, the place where I feel the greatest connection. I've also been in the financial industry for 30 plus years, so have learnt a thing or two along the way. Besides my 3 golden rules which I have followed throughout my life, I have also learnt to keep it simple, and the wisdom of knowing how and when to seek good advice.

Hi, I'm Matt. Who am I? Well, that's a big question but I'm a family man (first and foremost), a sports enthusiast, a board game aficionado, an avid traveler, a debateaholic and an 80's rock fanatic. I am also a financial myth buster. I love busting common financial myth and legend into easily decipherable clear and understandable language. I love turning seemingly complex problems into easy solutions and I love seeing more than anything, my clients have the choice to retire early.

Laurie specialises in the Risk Insurance sector in the Financial services industry. Her experience spans over 30 years. She moved to Christchurch in 2000 where
she built a strong business of her own and sold this recently before moving to Lifetime. Laurie believes it is important to work clients through a full process enabling the client to make an informed decision from a position of knowledge.

I am passionate about 2 things: people and how to learn more to help people. Finance is fascinating to me, so I want to know everything I can to truly empower people that I work with. In short, I'm passionate about getting better at my job, to make others better at reaching their goals and enjoying that moment when a person can sit back, relax and let out an, "aawwhh" of relief, because they got to their destination financially, emotionally, and mentally. If my clients don't get to experience that feeling, then I don't either - so we are completely in this together.

Allan kicked off his career in the financial services industry in the 1980’s and is a CLU, a Financial Adviser and holds the NZ Diploma in Life Insurance. His passion remains working with clients. Meeting their individual needs, seeing their life goals being fulfilled and ensuring this happens in a hassle free, professional manner is what makes him passionate about his work.

I was born and raised in Cardiff, South Wales and moved to New Zealand in 2005. I have approximately ten years of experience in the insurance industry. This includes working as a Broker in Fire and General and as a Senior Broker Support in Commercial insurance. I also worked in Underwriting for a major insurer, and I previously worked for Lifetime as a Paraplanner.

Our Team

Sue Moore


I'm one of the Lifetime Receptionists. I love to keep the office running smoothly and am the go to person for many of the behind the scene necessities. You could call me Camp Mother!! After working for Lifetime since 2008, I can honestly say my first passion is you, our client. I love to make you feel welcome and valued and you can always rely on me to greet you with a smile, and offer you an awesome cup of coffee (or drink of your choice).

Laura Swambo

Adviser Support
BA - Media & Communications/English. Dip Contemporary Photography

I came to Lifetime with over 10 years of customer service experience, mainly in the hospitality industry. I was excited to start a new role where I could utilise everything I had learned. I started in the Customer Care Team and soon moved on to an Adviser Support Role. I also help Kat when I can with marketing, which I love doing. I had never envisioned myself working in the financial industry, and to my surprise I really enjoy it. There's never a day I don't want to come into work.

When I'm not at work I love to play netball and basketball. I'm also kept very busy by my two boys Cohen and Tanner.

I am passionate about having a strong work ethic. I enjoy keeping busy and always need something to do. I also believe you should love the work you do and I strive to offer great service to the clients.

Aaron Bowkett

General Manager - Advice


Aaron is the General Manager – Advice at Lifetime. His early career was in the area of professional development before moving into Banking in 1998 then Financial Planning in 2002 while living in Dublin Ireland.

On returning to New Zealand Aaron attained the Certified Financial Planner designation and continued working as an Investment Adviser.

In 2008 he switched to Business Development for the next decade. Firstly with a large corporate growing the funds management offering then in 2015 working with a startup investment firm sourcing funds into a completely new investment offering.

More recently Aaron worked as a Financial Planner with clients throughout New Zealand utilising the latest technologies to drive better outcomes for clients.

For fun he enjoys the outdoors with family and friends and working in his small vineyard.

Alahna Gestro-Best

Adviser Support

Certificate in Business Administration

Hey there! Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read my riveting self profile...oh no, now I'm going to have to write something really interesting to keep you excited and intrigued. Well, I was born and raised in a small town on the sunny West Coast. Wait! Don't click away! I promise we aren't as strange as some of you think we are... Basically I'm a paperwork and computer ninja here at Lifetime. I have strong defenses against large volumes of paperwork, tedious emails and Insurance providers. My advisers and I have always got your back. From the time of application, to the time you need to claim, we will do everything we can to ensure you get what you need; when you need it. I love to spend my spare time with my family and friends. I also love drawing, painting, traveling, playing games and tramping.

Josh Ley

Customer Care Center Administrator

Hi, I’m Josh and I would describe myself as an extroverted, outgoing person who is passionate about working with people. Prior to joining Lifetime, I was a bank teller in the call-centre for Kiwibank. I’m always eager to learn something new and explore the world! I am a big fan of being outdoors: whether on the football pitch or in the mountains! I’m an eager language learner and an avid traveller! In my free-time, I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts/audiobooks, going on tangents on the internet (how did I arrive at the Galapagos Marine Iguana from Julius Caesar?) and I have a special interest in geography, biology and history.

Donna Edwards

Adviser Support

I'm adviser support for the Lifetime team in Christchurch. I have been employed with the team since 2012, starting as a casual staff member for a year before moving into the permanent role I am currently still doing. I strive to do the best I can to ensure our clients are cared for in a timely manner; with the most efficient service possible. I live locally in the Somerfield area with my husband, 2 sons and daughter. In our down time, we love to get outdoors for some serious adventures.

Andrea McKissock

Academy Training Coordinator

Hi I’m Andrea – Academy Training Coordinator at Lifetime. I have 12 years’ experience in the Financial Industry having joined the Lifetime team in 2009 from a background in Travel and Adult Training. Training and Development has a key role in our company in ensuring our staff have the knowledge and skill to perform in their roles competently and confidently while putting our clients needs and goals first.

I’m passionate about training and believe knowledge empowers you – it has a beginning but no end. When not at work I enjoy spending family time with my two daughters who are very active on the sports front along with quality time with my friends.

James Mitchell

Project Coordinator


Hi, I'm James! I was born and raised in Christchurch. In my eyes, there are few cities in the world that offer such a great feeling of community and togetherness. This, alongside its beautiful landscape, will always make Christchurch my home. I am passionate about creating novel experiences, trying new things and meeting new people. It allows me to bring interesting ideas from diverse backgrounds which really fuels creativity when solving problems. Finding elegant and effective solutions for people and working in such a fun team are the things I like most about working for Lifetime!

Nicole Kay

Customer Care Assistant

I was born and raised in Southland, starting my working life as a waitress, which taught me the importance of customer service. I am now based in Christchurch and I am excited to bring the customer service skills I have gained over the past six years to this role. I enjoy spending my spare time with my friends and family. I am passionate about doing what is best for our customers. My goal is for them to walk away from our conversation feeling as though their needs have been heard and meet. I truly believe that the level and type of customer service a client receives can make or break their experience.

Catherine de Graaff

Client Care Centre Team Leader

I have been delivering exceptional service in my career in both private and public sectors. I am passionate about people, their stories, their journeys. Highly motivated, and performance driven to achieve outcomes successfully by focusing on my own and my colleague’s strengths. I have a great sense of humour and like to lighten the days with some fun. I strive for quality, apply process and discipline towards optimising and challenging performance. I thrive with like-minded people who share and demonstrate the values, vision, and belief of our business through ‘walking the talk’ here at Lifetime. I am incredibly lucky to be a part of Lifetime to have the freedom to deliver an authentic and genuine delivery of our values and philosophies for our customers in every stage of their journey. The team across New Zealand is incredibly diverse with a vast depth of knowledge and expertise in all areas, it makes for connections to be made with ease for our lifetime clients and customers. I love that we make it easy, transparent and simple. In my time outside of Lifetime you can find me enjoying my niece and nephews bringing out my inner child, and spending time with my family and friends.

Stefan Offen

Customer Care Centre Administrator

I was born and raised in Timaru for 18 years before heading off to Christchurch to study Business at the University of Canterbury. While at university I was fortunate enough to spend a month in Paris which has only given me more of a travel bug! After graduation, I shortly began working at Lifetime in the Customer Care Centre dealing with various enquiries which means every day is never the same. Already having a background in customer service has given me confidence in my abilities to ensure that I can provide each client with an enjoyable experience. Outside of work I enjoy spending time socializing with family and friends. I like to stay active and constantly challenge myself. Which is why on any given day you could find me playing a bit of tennis, playing some football, or lifting some weights at the gym.

Megan Coombs

Customer Care Assistant

I have extensive experience in customer service and I enjoy speaking to customers on a daily basis and getting to know people. When not at work I am a Mum to two daughters, a cat and a rabbit. I enjoy the outdoors, baking and spending time with friends. I am passionate about ensuring every customer is interaction is dealt with a positive attitude and a smile. I like everybody to feel important and nothing is too much to ask. I enjoy learning new skills and making every day enjoyable.

Kristy King

Adviser Support

I was born and grew up in Christchurch, I have lived elsewhere but Christchurch always pulls me back, it will always be home. I am currently supporting three knowledgeable advisers here at Lifetime, where I started September 2020. Prior to this, I've had varying customer service, administration and learning and development roles. I feel most comfortable when my work allows me to help people and this is part of the reason I joined Lifetime. I believe people should have the right resources to make educated decisions about their future. I joined Lifetime after helping my grandmother set up a trust, we sought out financial advice and it was the best decision we have made thus far. Our adviser is assisting us in the management of an investment portfolio, she's taken the guess work out of investing, it no longer feels like a gamble. The growth in this portfolio is exponential, something we would never have been able to achieve alone. This will see my grandmother well through her retirement and beyond, not only helping her children, but their children and so on. Working with this adviser impacted me significantly, she helped me fast track life goals I thought were barely achievable. This inspired me to get into this industry so I too can have that impact on peoples lives.

Fiona Moffat

Business Support Manager

Fiona joined the finance team at Lifetime in 2014. New to the insurance industry she bought with her a wide range of commercial experience in accounts, administration and process improvement. As well as supporting the finance team she works closely with the entire management team.

Fiona and her partner, Steve, enjoy travelling whenever the opportunity arises; particularly going to the World Cup every four years. They share their home with Katie, a retired Greyhound.

Charlotte Arnott

Client Care Centre Administrator

Born in Manchester and raised in Christchurch. I enjoy life with good humour, music and more than a handful of incredble people around me. I was drawn to customer service as soon as I entered the work force as I love speaking with people from all different walks of life and helping them with whatever they throw my way (even if that is just a good chat over the phone!). I want to always be moving forward, learning and developing in both my professional and personal life. I believe experiences an opportunities are the biggest contribution to continuous improvement, which in turn helps me to better assist, and have a sound understanding of an individuals needs. Outside of work I love to write music, listen to music and go to shows. It's been my passion since I was a tiny wee one an something that will forever be a huge part of me.

Michael Claassen

IT Coordinator

Michael started his career in 1999, which gives him over 20 years’ experience within the IT Sector, he is a family orientated and task driven individual who is always up for a new challenge. Born and raised in Sunny South Africa, Michael now brings his strong work ethic and can-do attitude to our lifetime team in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Lucy Ridley

Assistant Accountant

Originally from the UK, Lucy has been in New Zealand for little over a year, having arrived from life in Canada. Lucy has varying accounting experience, ranging from working for Big 4 companies at home in the UK to small town tourism operations in the Canadian Rockies. In her spare time Lucy enjoys travel, food and coffee. Eating, with a coffee, whilst travelling is her ultimate pastime.

Lisa Direen

Adviser Development Manager

Hi I'm Lisa. I was born and bred in North Otago but I've lived in Canterbury for over 20 years. Despite being away for a long time, I consider Otago to be my "home" and I'm still a faithful Highlanders supporter. I have a passion for travel and I enjoy exlporing new places and having adventures both here in NZ and overseas. I grew up on a farm and started my learning and development career as a trainer of rural banking advisers a long time ago. Since then I've developed learning and development programs in many organisations and industries as diverse as rural servicing, communications and technology. I'm passionate about helping people be the best they can be. I love seeing people grow and succeed in achieving their goals at work. As Adviser Development Manager, I am looking forward to shaping the trainee adviser journey and assisting existing advisers with their continued learning through ongoing professional development.

Peter Cave

Managing Director


I started my career in Engineering in England in the 1980’s, then decided to travel to NZ for my OE where I found my passion was with investing and helping people understand finances rather than Engineering. After joining the Financial Services Industry, it became obvious to me that the NZ market required people to change their way of doing business, a journey of observation that led to the current delivery of advice with Lifetime Group. People want Advice for Life, they don’t need to have people deliver them products. I am proud to say I am leading our team of Advisers at Lifetime along the new regulatory path and know that all of our clients will receive top quality advice from our team that reflects their own personal financial journey. When not at work I enjoy some quiet time to gather my thoughts, changing from my work suit to my work boots to spend time in the garden.

Cushlia Young

Adviser Support

Bachelor of Therapeutic and Sports Massage

I was born in Invercargill and moved to Canterbury as a child. I have a passion for travel having spent 2 years living in England and traveling the world. I enjoy baking, hiking and the outdoors. In my spare time you can find me running my own business as a Massage Therapist. With 10 years experience in administration in multiple industries, I joined Lifetime in 2015 initially as an adviser support/receptionist. I am passionate about making sure everything runs smoothly for the clients behind the scenes. I have a real passion for helping people and enjoy seeing a good outcome for clients through claims and queries.

Olivia Johnson

Adviser Support

Olivia has over 5 years experience in the insurance industry, joining the Lifetime group in an adviser support role. Having recently returned from maternity leave, Olivia is looking forward to helping and building relationships with advisers and clients alike. Outside of work, Olivia enjoys spending quality time with friends, family and her newborn daughter. She also enjoys watching movies and listening to music and getting outdoors in the warmer weather.

Lucy Mitchell

Receptionist / Adviser Support

First and foremost, I am a receptionist. I am one of the first people you meet when you walk into Lifetime. In between times I like to assist our advisers in any way they need. I love meeting and greeting you when you arrive. I want you to feel completely comfortable from the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave.

Thomas Challies

CCC Administrator

I am an advocate for people in all respects with my focus and efforts being centred around understanding who they are, where they are coming from and connecting them with the right people to get to where they want to be. I have a varied background in roles from interior design, to senior leadership in retail, direct interactions within a communications company and have now landed here at Lifetime. I am delighted to be part of a team that truly embodies and delivers a people centric focus and approach.

Kaye Stuart

Adviser Support

I joined Lifetime in February 2018 as an Adviser Support. previously I worked in the banking industry since 2001 in Christchurch; as Mobile Mortgage Manager Support and in Customer Service. Coming from a banking background, it is a great challenge to be learning about insurances, which is completely new. I love the variety in my job at Lifetime, and the people I work with are great and always lots of laughs. I currently support multiple advisers so I am very busy multi tasking. I have been an avid rugby league supporter from my teenage years, with my husband playing league for many years and then going onto coaching in his later years. My weekends are spent catching up with friends for a quiet drink and lots of walking with our dog. I am a "West Coaster" from my hometown Hokitika. I have a 22 year old son who keeps me on my toes.

Amy Byrne

Senior Finance Administrator

Having returned to New Zealand from working in Ireland, Amy joined the lifetime team in 2017. She brings with her 5 years of insurance and mortgage experience into her new role in the commissions team. In her spare time she enjoys trying out the new restaurants and eateries popping up around the city.

Georgia Wilkinson

Client Care Administrator

BA in English and Media Communications

After moving to Christchurch from Queenstown in 2018 for University I was immediately attracted to the city lifestyle and all of the opportunities it had to offer. I graduated from the University of Canterbury in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communications and endeavour to put the skills that I learned into practice now that I am out in the big wide world. I am always on the look out for opportunities to develop myself both professionally and personally. Having been in customer-service roles since the age of 15, I love to build connections with those I interact with to ensure that our clients and customers are well looked after.

Riki Carston

Associate Adviser

BBA - Economics & Finance

Hey I'm Riki. Born over in Australia but raised in the Bay of Plenty. I have been all I can about the world of Economics and Finance during my time at Waikato University before making the decision to move south and begin my career in the financial sector as an Associate Advisor. In my personal life, I enjoy keeping fit and healthy in the outdoors or while playing rugby and cricket keeping that competitive nature of mine alive. I'm passionate about enjoying life as much as we all can and making the most of every day whether it be outdoors in the sun, on the field, or indoors working on my knowledge. Economics and finance have always appealed to me and that stays true to this day. I enjoy learning all I can about this industry and have no plans of slowing down.

Jordana Cook

Systems Administrator

Born and raised in Christchurch Jordana has over three years’ experience in the Insurance Industry. Jordana joined the Lifetime Team in August 2016 as an Adviser Support where she looks after two advisers and works across both Risk and Investment, she is also involved with our Operations and Support team to help with system inquires and improvements. Away from work Jordana enjoys playing netball and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Donna Blakely

Finance Team

I have been with Lifetime for just over 4 years. I work alongside a great team of people in the finance department. I have seen many changes during my time at Lifetime, which keeps my job interesting and there are certainly never any dull moments! I pretty much spend my time outside of work running around after my busy children, but when I do get time to myself I enjoy going for walks and catching up with friends. Also a bit of retail therapy keeps my happy!

Regional News

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