Kevin Bateman

Financial Adviser

BSc, MSc

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About Kevin

I am a Registered Financial Adviser. As such, I help people to protect what is important to them, whether it's family, or business, from the potential financial losses associated with sickness, disability or dying.

With over 25 years of experience as an adviser you can rely on my knowledge and life experience to ensure that we provide the best solutions to risk management.

My passion is helping people make really good financial decisions based around who you are, what your values are and what your goals and ambitions are. I believe that when a financial plan is based around these parameters, we can look forward to a rich and fulfilling future. We are all individuals and I believe we all need our own personalised plan to achieve our own personal goals.

I come from a science background, having originally trained as a biologist. As such I am reasonably conservative, honest and genuine. And being analytical and logical in my process, but at the same time having a good ear for listening to what my clients say and want.

Away from work I enjoy the outdoors. I am passionate about the mountains and the seas. This has taught me the importance of good forward planning to minimize the potential risks associated with being out there, dependent on one's self. Risk management is no different – it takes a good plan to ensure that any risks to our financial well-being are taken care of so that we can get to the point of achieving our goals.

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