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Greg Strang

Financial Adviser
National Certificate in Financial Services - Insurance Advice & Investment Advice

Born and raised in Otago, Greg has accumulated over 26 years’ experience in the insurance industry which has included stints in the UK, Australia, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. This experience, particularly the life experience, gives Greg a great insight and empathy with most people’s situations and circumstances.

Jeff Pearce

Financial Adviser
NZQA Approved Mortgage Adviser

Born in the UK and from West Auckland I have worked in a variety of fields dealing with people from all walks of life. For years I worked in the corporate environment providing tailored solutions to a wide range of businesses and helping them to achieve success in their goals. From there I learned that we all share a common need for safety, financial security and good health for ourselves and the people we care about.

Kevin Beban

Authorised Financial Adviser

Kevin is an experienced adviser who has been working in the insurance and investment industry since 1988. Kevin was a partner in Argent Financial Services, an insurance and investment business, which continues to operate as a subsidiary of Lifetime Group, a full service financial advisory.

Jonathan Lewis

Financial Adviser
Bcom Economics and Management

With a degree in Economics and Management from Canterbury University and a first-hand understanding of the benefits and pitfalls when you aren’t protected correctly Jonathan prides himself on a client first approach to risk insurance, ensuring everyone has the correct coverage to protect both themselves and their family when they need it most.

Taviri Ono

Mortgage Adviser

Taviri has spent most of his working life in banking and mortgage advisory roles, having moved to Christchurch in 1998 from Papua New Guinea where he had started with the multinational Westpac bank. He decided to settle with his Kiwi wife Tahlia in the Garden City, where he has spent further time with both Westpac and also with SBS Bank.

Abby Woollaston

Financial Adviser
Bachelor of Business in Communications at Bond University

Life is uncertain. Abby observed how well her father Alan Burns prepared his clients for these uncertainties through his financial services business company Red Group. She joined the family business in 2006 and quickly found that the apple had not fallen far from the tree - she was talented in serving clients as an insurance risk specialist.

Clive Martin

Mortgage Adviser

Clive specialises in securing finance to assist with property purchases, and is committed to a high level of service in ensuring that any lending solution is tailored to meet your financial needs and goals. Clive is in the business of providing a positive experience, and finding the best possible solution. This process often starts with the simple question, “how much can I borrow?”.

Peter Sullivan

Authorised Financial Adviser

Peter started in this industry in 1987 as an AMP agent and since then he has continually improved his knowledge and skill levels which recently culminated in attaining a level 5 Authorised Financial Adviser certificate and License. After many client situations and payouts he has a tremendous belief in his industry and the solutions it can offer.

Robbie Crawford

Financial Adviser
National Certificate Financial Services (Level 5)

Robbie has been involved within the Financial Services Industry since 1978. His career commenced with the ANZ Bank and specialised in Rural &Commercial lending. In 1997 he purchased an interest in Brian Staniford &Associates Ltd, a South Canterbury based Insurance business and this business merged with Lifetime in 2007.

Mark Thomas

Mortgage Adviser

With over 15 years of experience in the finance industry, Mark is well placed to give expert advice over almost any area. Beginning as a bank officer and moving on to home loans, Mark learned a great deal about what makes the kiwi family tick. In 2013 he moved to Risk Insurance and truly found his calling. As an adviser Mark is able to put his clients first and create long term relationships which ensure that his financial advice will stay relevant to their long term needs.

James O'Caiside

Financial Adviser

James grew up in a large family in rural New Zealand, with the background of North Canterbury being where he calls home. He has a variety of industry experience, ranging from farm hand work, to small time broadcasting and presenting - before settling into the marketing and customer acquisition industry.

Garry Mann

Authorised Financial Adviser

Garry has been working in the insurance industry since 1988. He is an AFA and continues to further his professional development. His main areas of expertise are in both business and group risk.

Gary Radka

Financial Adviser

Gary is an experienced financial adviser and has been in the insurance business for 25yrs servicing clients in Central Otago and Southland for all their insurance needs. Married to Vicki, they have five children and one grandchild and most weekends Gary can be found on a golf course having represented Southland for over 35yrs at all levels.

Grant has has been in the insurance industry since 1966 and brings to the Lifetime Group an approach based on solid experience. He has held a number of diverse roles within this industry and this enables him to get to the core of issues with the least amount of fuss.

Simon Ward

Mortgage Advisor
Accredited Mortgage Advisor

Simon is very passionate about helping people from all walks of life into owning their first home, establishing a rental portfolio, seeking business finance and even purchasing commercial premises. He provides a personalized touch to help guide you through the maze of current mortgage requirements that can be complicated.

Josh Martin

Mortgage Adviser
Bcom (Mktg)

Coming from a Career in Real Estate, Josh has a real passion for property. A Tauranga local that has spent his time growing up in the Bay, Josh comes with a wealth of knowledge to help you with your next step, whatever that may be.

Himank Agarwal

Mortgage Adviser

Himank has been in the finance industry for almost 4 years and have done mortgages close to $400M including home loans, business loans, property finance, Agri, etc. ranging from $5K to $10M.

Understanding his clients and their goals is one of the ways Himank will add value to your transaction, your future plans and goals are of the utmost importance to him.

Lisa Davis

Financial Adviser

I started in the insurance industry in 2005, and I bring a wide range of industry knowledge and experience to this role. I will be an advocate for you whenever it is required, and I look forward to working with you and your family to determine the right solutions.

Matthew Dawe

Authorised Financial Adviser
AFA (FSP483284), Diploma of Financial Markets, Certificate IV in Financial Markets Operations, New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services

Matthew has most recently spent time as General Manager | Head Dealer of a Foreign Exchange Brokerage and brings to Lifetime his passion of investing in real estate since 2006, along with his dedication for helping clients.

He believes that helping clients to achieve their dreams doesn’t just start with property number one; it is the continued service for the life of the client that really drives a happy result and success.

Sue McKenzie

Mortgage Adviser

Sue works for you, her client(s), with the aim of finding competitive bank products to meet your financial needs. She takes into consideration your personal lifestyle and aspirations in addition to future events, which may impact you in the short to medium term; this allows her to arrange finance and a loan structure tailor-made to suit you.

Mike Saunders

Authorised Financial Adviser
B.Sc. CLU Authorised Finacial Adviser

Two of Mike’s most dominant values are:

- To help other people achieve their goals and solve their problems
- To go the distance, once a task is commenced then he does not give up and gives it his best shot.

Janice Allan

Client Services Adviser

Originally coming from Scotland Janice travelled far and wide on her extended OE (10 years of living and experiencing amazing places around the world). Eventually she fell for her future Kiwi husband while over here working on a farm. After a traditional Scottish wedding in Glasgow she settled in this beautiful country.

Blake Sutton

Financial Adviser

To Blake, insurance is in his blood being the third generation insurance adviser within his family. Blake enjoys dealing with people and building client relationships in the interest of securing their financial future by protecting their assets and more importantly their family.

Julian Lingard

Authorised Financial Adviser
National Certificate in Financial Services - Level 5, AFA

Julian is truly passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals in life and protecting what they have. He takes a client centered approach and works to help you build all the separate components required to reach your financial goals.
Because Julian is an Authorised Financial Adviser who is accredited to provide advice on mortgages, investments and insurance, he can provide a one stop shop for all your personal financial needs. Julian's clients really appreciate this as it means building a good relationship with one adviser who really does understand all of their financial needs.

Craig Keenan

Mortgage Adviser

Craig is an experienced mortgage broker who has been in the mortgage lending industry for 15 years. Prior to this Craig was a flying instructor based in the UK. Born and bred in Christchurch Craig has two sons, Ciaran and Nicholas.

Alvin Liu

Financial Adviser

Alvin is a very experienced adviser. He is good at recommending suitable policies and assisting clients to make claims. He also has a sound reputation of comparing policies and finding out the one with best value for clients. Not everyone needs or can afford every insurance. Alvin is skilled of helping clients realize their protection requirement priorities when budget is a constraint which is always the case.

Karen Essex-Mooney

Mortgage Adviser

Being a specialist Mortgage adviser since 2000 firstly with Mortgage Link now known as Lifetime. Over these number of years it has given me a large range of client’s experiences to enable me to provide different types of solutions, whether it be for first home buyers in this current environment with kiwi saver withdrawal’s to the Housing NZ grant applications, double grants and building and how that can be achieved right through to people who want to use their equity to buy rental property and business lending.

Dane Boswell

Financial Adviser
Cert. Financial Services (Level5)

Dane enjoys turning complex problems into simple solutions. His job is to listen to his customers and build an insurance solution that is tailored to their individual needs. When he's not crunching numbers or asking questions you can find him taking the dog for a run or playing with power tools in the garage.

Kay Davies

Financial Adviser
NZQA national certificate of financial services (Level 5)

Kay has a passion for helping South Canterbury families with insurance options having forged many links in the province she has been born and bred in. She has always related well to people, including the wide array of clients she covers from Oamaru to Ashburton. Kay enjoys working for herself and interacting with her customers both on a social level and in giving advice on their insurance needs.

Travis Hamilton

Adviser Development Manager / Financial Adviser
BCom Finance/Economics

"Contributing to my clients’ long term wellbeing is immensely satisfying. Everyone is unique and deserves the opportunity to tell their story to someone who cares, listens intently and understands their position and desired outcomes in the event of a serious health issue".
Travis believes providing choices and options to his clients is a key part of the advice service. He states that everyone’s situation is different and tailored advice for each and every client is what he does.

Nathaniel Byers

Financial Adviser

Born and raised in Southland, Nathaniel has passion and pride in his ever changing province. Practical and down to earth are qualities Nathaniel's clients appreciate about him, along with his professional approach to ensuring everyone, from professionals to families, have financial peace of mind should unforeseen circumstances arise.

John Whyte

Financial Adviser

As a community focused individual John finds it particularly rewarding working with young families and small businesses. He displays an enthusiasm for success with a great level of professionalism.

Lisa Perring

Mortgage Adviser
Small Business Accounting, Essentials Mortgage Brokering

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned property investor, the process of finding the right mortgage can be fraught with stress and emotion.

Lydia von Rönge

Financial Adviser

I am passionate about individuals, families and business owners having the right insurance in place that will protect them in tough times. I will ensure that your insurance requirements, no matter how unusual, are handled efficiently and professionally.

Steve Doyle

Authorised Financial Adviser
Diploma in Business Studies & Personal Financial Planning from Massey University

Steve has worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years. Steve has gained his Graduate Diploma in Business Studies and Personal Financial Planning from Massey University. As a Certified Financial Planner he enjoys helping clients in most aspects of their personal financial needs however working with the Lifetime has helped him to now focus more on investment and retirement planning.

Ian French

Mortgage Adviser
Registered Financial Adviser, Member Professional Advisers Association, Accredited Mortgage adviser with most banks.

Ian specialises in mortgage advice having built up a large client base since settling in Nelson about 20 years ago. Prior to that he built up a depth of lending industry knowledge, moving around New Zealand in adviser roles with ANZ bank. Ian understands the need for specialty advice to help people make choices within the home mortgage market given the wide range of products on offer. He has access to more than 20 different lender packagers.

Alan Burns

Authorised Financial Adviser
Member IFA

For Alan insurance had been a lifetime career. Beginning in the 1970s, he’s now spent over 40 years helping people protect their own and their families’ financial security and he still loves his work. He’s seen many many clients able to claim on the policies he’s put in place and that’s what makes his work worthwhile.

Peter Hand

Financial Adviser
NZQA LEVEL 5, Mgt Dip.

Peter started in the insurance industry in 1976 as an agent for an established company called Prudential Life. In 1988 he established his own brokering business, which he then sold in 2009 to Lifetime which is where he’s been ever since.

Emmett Mills

Financial Adviser, Nelson
Diploma in Financial Services - Life Insurance

With 20-plus years in the insurance industry, Emmett thrives in the role and responsibilities of advising individuals and businesses how to protect themselves, their loved ones and colleagues with life insurance solutions. Emmett is an advocate of innovation and has been at the forefront in piloting the delivery of new and industry-leading life insurance processes to customers. Emmett is a keen mountain-biker and with his wife Val, makes the most of the many outdoor activities the Nelson region offers.

Allan McNaughton

Director and Adviser

Allan started within the financial service industry in the 1980’s and holds NZ Diploma in Life Insurance and is CLU AFP and an Authorised Financial Adviser.

Paul Stolworthy

Financial Adviser

Committed to your financial success and protection, Paul Stolworthy is a leading specialist Financial Adviser who can provide a comprehensive level of protection for you, your business and your family. Supported by all mainstream insurers Paul offers advice and assistance with a wide range of financial products.

Bourke O'Connor

Authorised Financial Adviser

When you meet Bourke, you instantly understand why he is respected within the insurance industry. With over 40 years’ experience, which has seen him start at the bottom and work his way up to senior management and later into starting his own advisory. His upbringing and experience have given him a deep-seated belief in the value of life insurance products as a means of providing money when the need is greatest, and this is generally at a time of business or family crisis.

Karen Raggett

Mortgage Adviser

Karen has been in the finance industry for 20 years in various roles and worked for three main trading banks. I bring a wide range of knowledge on home & business lending. From purchasing an owner occupied property or investment property, to buying a commercial property, helping your children into their first home or simply wanting to making sure you are getting the deal you deserve from your existing Bank.

Kelvin McKissock

Authorised Financial Adviser

Kelvin draws on his tremendous knowledge of the wider banking, investment and insurance advice sectors in his daily work. His career began in 1983 with the Southland Savings Bank, a regional organisation that later became part of the Trust Bank network. Kelvin took on a number of banking roles offering residential and commercial lending and mortgage advice as well as insurance options.

Danté Fyfe

Insurance Adviser

Danté has a very diverse background being of half Samoan/half European decent and likes to think he understands people from various walks of life. He has spent the last couple of years working in the earthquake insurance sector and so understands the benefits and pitfalls of when you and those closest are not protected correctly.

Brenden Van Schooten

Financial Adviser
Authorised Financial Adviser, Level 5 National Certificate in Financial Services

Many, many years ago Brenden left school and worked as a survey and land information draftsman for about 10 years. After this he was a courier driver around the Wellington CBD for 5 years until he was offered the position to run the courier fleet of 55 drivers. All of this gave Brenden the skills & knowledge to understand self-employment (as well as larger businesses) and he now uses this vast experience when assisting others to achieve financial security.

Richard Craven

Business & Commercial Property Specialist

With 33 years in the Banking industry, 25 of which have been in the Business, Commercial, Property Development and Regional leadership roles, Richard has a wealth of knowledge he shares with his clients.

Lleyson Davy

Financial Adviser

As an experienced small business owner and father, Lleyson understands how stressful it can be when unexpected costs and situations arise. He is passionate about people and believes in a client-first approach, and will work with you to identify the best solution to ensure your needs are met during those unexpected times.

Mark Staniford

Financial Adviser
QPIB Fellow, IBANZ, National Certificate in Financial Services Level 5

Mark commenced employment with Commercial Union in 1987 specialising in Fire & General Insurance and later joined his father's business branching into Risk insurance such as Life, Income and Health cover.

Paul Watts

Financial Adviser

Paul has recently entered the exciting world of Risk advice after 20 years in other sales and service industries. He has worked with a large variety of clients in multiple industries to ascertain and implement the best tailored product solution.

Janet Holmes

Authorised Financial Adviser

Janet has been in the insurance industry for over 10 years now and comes from a previous career in the health. She loves meeting people from all walks of life but most of all she enjoys being able to provide some financial support to clients during some of the worst times of their lives.

Emily Wheatley

Financial Adviser
Bachelor of Commerce, NZ Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5)

Having over 10 years’ experience in the financial planning industry I have seen first hand the difference that financial stability and success has on people’s happiness and their ability to lead the lives they wish to. While my moto for every client is Save, Invest and Protect I also understand that no single approach is the right one for every single client.

Ian Stewart

Authorised Financial Adviser

Ian has been a passionate protector of business and family finances since 1991 when he got his first AMP Certificate of Practice. An ALU, AFP and an Authorised Financial Adviser, Ian continually updates his skills and education in order to deliver sound, relevant advice to his risk and investment clients.

Jena McKenzie

Financial Adviser

I help families and businesses ensure that they are protected in times of unexpected health events which threaten cash flow. I understand that people and revenue are the lifeblood of every business. My job is to ensure you get cash at the right time, to the right place and the right amount.

Neville Whitworth

Business & Commercial Property Specialist

I am a Financial Adviser contracted to Lifetime. My specialist areas are Business, Property Finance, Rural and Residential lending plus Business Reviews. My approach sees me working independently with all the Banks, to provide customers with the most competitive finance package in the market to suits their needs.

Carmen Lapthorne

Financial Adviser

Carmen brings to the comprehensive Lifetime table, over eight years’ experience in the insurance/financial world. Starting out in the industry with Southern Cross Medical Care Society & more recently as the Lifetime Health Insurance adviser for Southland & Otago.

Paul Treanor

Authorised Financial Adviser
Diploma in Business Studies (Personal Financial Planning) and Authorised Financial Adviser

Although Paul is originally from Paeroa he has called Tauranga home for the past 29 years. Heavily involved in a range of community activities across sport and service organisations he has served as Chairman of the Mount Maunganui Life Guard Service for the past 5 years and been an active lifeguard since 2010.