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With several satellite offices throughout the Auckland region, the Lifetime Auckland team have built a network providing all aspects of financial planning from home loans to life insurance. 

Lifetime share an office with Rothbury General Insurance Brokers at 1 Queen St, in the heart of Auckland's CBD. Between us we provide seamless full service solutions across the range of insurance products. 

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09 631 7748
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Level 18, HSBC Building, 1 Queen Street, Auckland, 1010

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Mt Eden, Auckland

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Level 2, 40 Mount Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland, 1024

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Takapuna, Auckland

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1st Floor, 7 Auburn Street, Takapuna, Auckland, 0622

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Contact us on 0800 656 466 or or alternatively send us an online enquiry below.

Jocelyn is a Financial Adviser with a focus on helping her clients understand money and be good with money. She provides advice on financing money when needed it, and protecting her clients from losing money when unfortunate events happen. Jocelyn enjoys working closely with her clients. She is excellent in providing a customised financial solution based on her clients’ current situation and future goals, and giving step-by-step guidance.

I am a veteran of the life insurance industry having started at the bottom and working my way up to senior management roles before starting my own advisory. My upbringing in a small country town taught me the value of building enduring relationships which have been an integral part of my business. I have experienced first hand the value of insurance at times of business and family crises. I love meeting new people in my role.

I was born in the UK and grown in NZ, I have spent my working life in sales and service and managed a vast range of client expectations. I entered the financial services industry in 2007, initially as a Mobile Mortgage Manager helping my clients to achieve their dream of home ownership. It is there that I found my true calling and a very personal commitment to help them to achieve their life goals and stay protected on life's journey.

Having had 32 years in the business I have had an opportunity to develop my skills in the areas that are of most interest to me. Those being Personal and Business Risk along with Group Employee Benefits. I enjoy talking to business owners and working with them on solutions to protect their business profitability and ownership. Over the years we have implemented many share purchase and key person contracts and witnessed the importance of having a well constructed Risk Management Plan.

I'm passionate about helping my clients get their financial house in order and I love my role as a Life Planner / Financial Coach. I help clients assess their full financial picture, set short- and long-term goals and then make a plan for how to get there. I always compare it to travel, as if you want a travel experience and head out into the world without a plan, you will have good or bad experiences based around luck and reactiveness.

Zeke has been working in the employee benefits space for over a decade, starting out in administration and account management roles here in NZ before heading overseas. He spent time with an international brokerage in Sydney before taking a role with MLC, one of Australia's top corporate super scheme providers. Primarily working in an Account Management role, he also spent time managing operational teams and helping to design and test systems to administer group schemes.

I’m a proud Certified Financial Planner based in Auckland but with clients everywhere. I’ve been helping people live their best lives with great financial planning for 20 years. My wife, Jude and I are shareholders in Lifetime and believe strongly in the company's values and purpose. My own retirement is a long way off and my young ones Sophie and Oliver require feeding for a few years to come so I welcome new clients!

I am an authorised financial adviser who works with everyday people like you and me to realise your financial goals and dreams but it’s not about money. It’s about you, your passions in life, your family and your loved ones. Life’s journey is not always as smooth as we want it to be. Unexpected events happen that can stop us at times from living every day to the fullest. Your journey could be buying your first home, planning for their retirement, your next big trip or more time with the family.

I am an Authorised Financial Adviser, and work with families and individuals to make smart money decisions. I believe that everyone needs a trusted person to help guide them on their financial journey.

I am an AFA (Authorised Financial Adviser) who is passionate about helping people to visualize their financial journey, and would encourage everyone to have a personal financial plan - the earlier the better as it is never to early to start thinking about the future! It is easy to aim for goals in life, but not always simple to keep on the path to get there, many rocks can get in the way. As your financial coach I can help you keep focused on this. The foundation for our long term professional relationship is one of trust and confidence ensuring strength and certainty.

I am an Authorised Financial Advisor with a wealth of international experience having worked in a variety of countries. I am passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and guiding them through life’s journey. I love helping create a degree of certainty in an uncertain environment. I really enjoy hearing what peoples “Bucket List” is and try and put a plan in place to help them achieve this.

Our Team

Neeraj Thakkar

B.Com, MBA Finance, P.G. Diploma in Applied Informatics

I have worked in the field of accounting, administration and reporting in various industries like aquaculture, mining, oil and construction across Ghana, Tanzania and India. Currently happily working in the finance stream as an support to the mortgage advisers and also taking a new role as a Paraplanner, assisting my advisers in writing risk and investment plans for clients in New Zealand. I am keen to learn, grow and utilize my experience and analytical skills to its best to help my advisers provide greatest of services to our clients.

I am honest, adaptable and full of energy, always ready to help people and achieve team goals.

Sonya Eastlake

Adviser Support

Sonya has worked in the insurance industry with Garry Mann for 20 years. She came to the industry from a background in PA Corporate work and Events Management , most recently with the Warriors. She lives in Beachlands and travels via ferry into the city which in Auckland is the best way to travel, the view regularly includes dolphins which is so special. Sonya enjoys walking and is training hard at the gym as her daughter is getting married early next year.

Debs Preston

Adviser Support

Debs is 35 years within the finance and insurance industry, having obtained an MBA thru Massey University, she is the glue that holds the Auckland office together. A leader in client services, Debs believes that the customer should always come first and has an ethos of ensuring that her customer service is second to none. If you have question of service, please give me a call, happy to help.

Sue Kelly

Client Services

Sue joined Camelot from Rutherford Rede Central in July 2009 and is part of our dynamic Auckland team, where she is currently the Insurance administrator for Otto Lijzenga, Sam Walter and Bruce Cameron. Sue helps to look after our Auckland-based customers.

Lucie Moloney-Geany

Project Co-ordinator
BA Honours

I joined the team in 2018 after relocating from London where I studied a Bachelor Honours degree in History at King’s College London. Along with my studies I undertook personal research and was among the student publishing team of the King’s College London Student Journal of International Affairs and Human Rights - I am a keen debater and love learning new perspectives.

I am all about solving problems. There is nothing more exciting then having that Eureka! moment- although I am not solving the theories of physics and maths - I am making my clients and co-workers lives easier. Finding ways to simplify you, and make the journey from A to B as streamlined as possible. This is what makes me tick.

I moved back to New Zealand to be closer to family and plant my roots back home. Apart from my English accent I am a Kiwi through and through.

When I take off my thinking cap you'll probably find me at a coffee shop sampling local brews. I have an absolute love of coffee and am a champion for small businesses.

Jan Brooks

Client Services

Jan joined Camelot Auckland in September of 2012 having come from an Operations Manager background in the Marine Survey industry for 4 years and prior to that managed her own factory based business in the Furniture Finishing industry for 20 years. Her career in the Financial Services industry began upon joining Camelot and in her time to date has found the experience challenging, but interesting learning all she can about investment and insurance. With a focus now on Investment for Advisers: Sam Walter and Bruce Cameron. The Administration Management support role to Camelot Advisers is paramount to their success and ability to do the best job they can for their clients. Administrators are the liaison with clients, providing the prompt, reliable customer service that Camelot is renowned for. Jan derives much satisfaction from her role dealing with clients, especially the elderly. When it becomes difficult for them to deal with a lot of paper work, she is only too happy to assist and make life as easy for the client as possible. Their gratitude is very heartwarming.

Ismail Zahir

Quality & Assurance Operations Lead

Born in the Maldives Islands, Ismail has been living in New Zealand for the last 12 years. He came here for further studies, met his wife and has now made New Zealand his home.

He has been involved in the insurance industry for the last 8 years, and initially gained experience working for one of the largest insurance providers in the country. During the 6 years he worked there, he developed his skills in various aspects of the industry and found a passion for Risk Management. He joined Lifetime Group Limited in 2014 and continues to achieve great success. He is currently our Compliance and Process Manager, an essential role for the company which ensures that all Financial Advisers follow regulations, and place the interests of the client first.

Ismail is currently studying for his National Certificate in Financial Services. In his spare time he enjoys long runs in the west Auckland Waitakere Ranges, plane spotting, traveling, and social media. At least once a year he likes to go home to Maldives, to visit his family and go fishing.

Regional News

There have been a lot of changes here in New Zealand as a result of COVID-19, in particular the Government announcing a Level 4 Alert and placing the country into lockdown.

With the country now in isolation, there is understandably a lot of concern around people’s health and finances.

As an Authorised Financial Adviser, I would like to share some tips on how you can help yourself financially during these times, with some practical financial to-do’s whilst in lock down.