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About Claire

I am originally from the UK but have been a Kiwi for 20 years and have lived in many countries such as Singapore and Japan, due to my career over the last 30 years in Investment Banking, Stockbroking and Financial planning. We moved home to New Zealand as a family and we love to spend time enjoying life by being at the beach, gardening and relaxing.

I am an AFA (Authorised Financial Adviser) who is passionate about helping people to visualize their financial journey, and would encourage everyone to have a personal financial plan - the earlier the better as it is never to early to start thinking about the future! It is easy to aim for goals in life, but not always simple to keep on the path to get there, many rocks can get in the way. As your financial coach I can help you keep focused on this. The foundation for our long term professional relationship is one of trust and confidence ensuring strength and certainty.

My Three Golden Rules

  1. Honesty
  2. Integrity
  3. Communication

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