About Sam

I’m a proud Certified Financial Planner based in Auckland but with clients everywhere. I’ve been helping people live their best lives with great financial planning for 20 years. My wife, Jude and I are shareholders in Lifetime and believe strongly in the company's values and purpose. My own retirement is a long way off and my young ones Sophie and Oliver require feeding for a few years to come so I welcome new clients!

Are you OK? 

My main purpose in working with you and your family is to see if you are financially OK. Are you going to achieve your goals and preserve your current lifestyle? If you're not then that’s when we get down to work! But it's not me telling you what you can’t do - it’s me helping you discover what your priorities are in life and then using them to live life on purpose.

When we know that you are OK the second phase is to make sure you have the right investments, insurances and other financial bits and pieces. Some time spent on understanding these things can make a huge difference in the future whether it be in the form of a bigger retirement nest egg or better protection against life’s adversities. If I can add value in these areas I would like to join your team and keep an eye on them into the future for you.

Who do I enjoy working with? 

Business owners who want to move on in the next decade.

Business leaders who are hard at work in their careers and need support building their personal wealth.

Investors who need to get the most out of their capital to live off.

My Three Golden Rules

  1. Let’s trust each other. We need to work together and have honest conversations to achieve your goals.
  2. It’s not all serious, if we can have a laugh it makes it more fun.
  3. If I am not adding value please let me know, as you should not pay for something that’s not of value. 

Neither Lifetime nor I have been subject to a reliability event. A reliability event is something that might influence you in deciding whether to seek advice from either myself or Lifetime. As an example, this would be a serious event such as legal proceedings against me, or bankruptcy in the last four years.

Get In Touch

Contact Sam on 027 592 6699  |  sam.walter@lifetime.co.nz or alternatively send us an online enquiry below.

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