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Do you need an accountant who understands property?

Looking to buy a rental, sell a rental, review your rental portfolio, turn your personal home into a rental, develop a property, or start property trading? Then it is essential to get the best advice, as property transactions are large dollar items and the consequences of getting it wrong can be large.


Coombe Smith Lifetime Property Accountants is proud to specialise in Property Accounting for almost the last 20 years. We aim to improve your rental’s performance, maximise your tax benefits and ensure you are up to date with all the tips, tricks and tax changes. While being Hamilton based accountants, we look after investors throughout NZ and the world. Zoom meetings are more efficient, and generally we get through 5-15 minutes of more information in a Zoom meeting, plus we can provide video recordings.


Let's Talk


Have a free 10 minute no obligation telephone chat to discuss your situation and work out the best way forward. In this free chat we will discuss your property goals, your investments outside of property and whether you are getting the most out of Kiwisaver.  Our property team can give some tips and tricks to help you save interest and obtain more lending.  

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Looking for a Quote?


A great starting point is a free chat for 5-10 minutes to discuss your accounting and tax requirements. In this free chat we will broadly discuss the recent tax changes, your financial structures and property ownership and whether a formal Property Advisory Meeting would be beneficial to you.  Our team can provide a quote after the free chat, to complete your financial statements and tax returns.  Note, no specific accounting or tax advice can be given in this free chat.

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Or, book a Property Advisory Meeting

Book directly with our Partner and Property Investment Specialist Ross Barnett. This meeting costs from $575 incl GST and normally lasts for 1 hour, with Ross giving full advice within that time. These are all examples of what Ross goes through with clients in a Property Advisory Meeting. 

  • Looking at buying a rental? How will a rental work for me, the cashflow and tax
    implications?  Does it help me achieve my goals?
  • Is your current rental the most tax effective for you?  Or could a restructure be beneficial?
  • Is your current structure the best?  Should you have a Trust or Look Through Company (LTC)?
  • Need help with your long term strategy
  • How does trading properties work?  GST implications?  What is tainting?
  • I could develop my land and add 3 units, does this add equity for me and does the cashflow work when complete?
  • Use Xero to make your accounting easier

If you want to go ahead and have a Property Advisory Meeting, you can book via the options below.


Digital Meeting - $575

Book a zoom online property advisory meeting and if you become a client, you'll receive $230 incl GST towards first years financial statements.

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In Person Meeting - $690

Book a property advisory meeting at our Hamilton office and if become a client $230 incl GST towards first years financial statements.

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If specific questions that take less than 1 hour meeting, then still full amount charged and no partial discount for shorter meeting.

*Please note property advisory meetings are for new clients only and are a one off offer.

After the Zoom meeting, we provide video recording, some notes and structure diagram, rental spreadsheets, some helpful tips and list of expenses you can claim, and more.

About Ross

Ross loves property, and personally invests in residential long term holds, residential subdivisions and development, Commercial property trading, Commercial property long term holds and in the past did residential property trading. As Ross is constantly active in the market, living and breathing property every day, he is up to date with all the tricks and tips, plus understand property risk and returns through actually doing subdivisions and developments himself. Ross can put a different twist to some ownership and development structures that can save thousands in tax long term, and loves reviewing and improving ownership structures. Ross starting Coombe Smith Property Accountants at 24, and now almost 20 years later is doing less of the day to day accounting to focus on high level property advise and ownership structure improvements.

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