Empowering Kiwis with smarter financial solutions

Get where you want to go in life with sophisticated financial planning, well-structured mortgages, tailored insurances and strategic business solutions.

Mortgage With Purpose

Home loans are complicated and at times challenging - use an expert Lifetime Mortgage Adviser to ensure you get the best deal with the best structure. It could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and years off your mortgage. 

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Protect Your Income, Control The Outcome

The health and income insurances available with Lifetime can not only cover your costs with time off work, they can allow you access to private healthcare, meaning significantly reduced wait times enabling you to get the care you need sooner and recover faster. 

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Business As Unusual

Should something happen to your business  - be it an interruption, liability issue or the loss of an asset or key person - a quick and thorough solution is critical. We can tailor comprehensive cover for your business, big or small, to ensure you can get back to business as usual. 

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The Experts On Prosperity & Protection

Lifetime is a full-service financial advisory practice committed to securing a smarter financial future for Kiwis through tailored advice. With a nationwide team of expert advisers, Lifetime provide loan, insurance and investment solutions from purchasing your first property, to investing in business growth and protecting your assets. Scroll to browse, or filter by interest using the icons below. 


Make Your First Home A Reality

With an expert mortgage adviser on your side

Buying your first home can be tough but that becomes a whole lot simpler with a Lifetime Mortgage Adviser. As the experts on home loans, we can find you the best lender for your needs, whether it's a low deposit, new build or renovation project. We'll do the hard yards for you, negotiating to get you the best rate and structure. It could save you thousands and shave years off your mortgage. 

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Grow Your Property Portfolio

Do you want to invest and grow your wealth with property?

An investment property is a significant financial investment and needs to be carefully considered - especially with the recent changes around LVR rules. The structure of a mortgage on an investment property is often very different from a typical family home and requires specialist advice. At Lifetime, we are experienced in designing mortgages specifically for investment properties and can guide you towards the best options for your investment portfolio.

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Business Finance For Growth

Make your debt work for your business with smart lending.

Realise your business growth goals with smart finance that allows you to invest in opportunities to generate a return. If you want to grow your business or you are just starting out, business finance can provide the capital you require. Whether it’s a business loan, overdraft facility or other arrangement, we can ensure you get the best structure to meet your needs, keep your repayments affordable and reduce the total interest and cost.

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Protect Your Greatest Asset - Your Income

With income and mortgage insurance you can rest easy knowing you won't lose the family home if you can no longer work.

Provide peace of mind that you can maintain the lifestyle you've built and your home will stay your home, even if unable to earn an income or continue your mortgage or rent repayments.

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Business As Unusual

Keep your business running even when the unexpected happens.

Protect your business from setbacks and even potential closure with adequate and tailored insurance cover. Each business has unique individual requirements, so work with us to ensure you have the cover you need, when you need it.

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Understanding Rural Needs

A range of insurance solutions designed for farms.

Rural insurance is specialist insurance, it needs to be designed to fit the requirements of each situation. From property, to equipment, to cash-flow and livestock - we have the products to protect your rural operation from the risks you face.

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UK Pension Transfers

Transferring your UK Pension is an important part of permanently migrating to New Zealand. If you have made the decision to live out your years here, then you will benefit from talking to one of our experienced advisers about moving your pension into a New Zealand superannuation scheme.

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Growth Without The Pain, Diversified Made Simplified

We want to make your money work for you. A managed fund aims to spread your money over a range of different investments so you can enjoy a range of varied returns.

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KiwiSaver - The Kiwi Saviour

You need to be certain that your KiwiSaver is working for you. Simply putting in your monthly contribution and hoping that it will be enough for your retirement is not enough. Become an active investor and talk to an adviser today.

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Plan For Your Retirement

We’re all about looking to the future in order to make the best decisions now. Whether you have a specific goal in mind, or you simply want to make the most of your money, we’ll tailor the ideal financial plan to protect your lifestyle and grow your wealth. No one wants to work forever. Planning for your retirement now will ensure that you get to enjoy your golden years without significant financial problems.

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Make A Plan For Your Estate

While difficult to plan for, we all move on eventually. With a bit of thought now you can ease this process for your loved ones, by removing the stress of dealing with your estate and allowing them clarity on the handling of your finances.

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