Otto Lijzenga

Financial Adviser


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  • Life insurance.
  • Income replacement insurance.
  • Trauma cover.
  • Medical insurance
  • Disablement cover.
  • Key person cover.

About Otto

I am financial adviser specializing in personal insurances. My wife and I came to Marlborough in December 2018, and we have enjoyed every minute of it since we arrived from Auckland. In a smaller community there is a greater sense of belonging and people looking after each other.

I believe in a life lived by values as a foundation for thinking and acting. It is love and compassion that have always been the founding values for life.

I try and help people by listening to what people need in their lives, whether finance or insurance related or not. If I can't help them with something I will try and find someone who can. I understand that financial issues are not the only issues people have and therefore I try and reach out to simply try and help with whatever people struggle with.

I do not take lightly the trust I receive from clients who share the challenges they are facing and obstacles they need to overcome.

I truly understand that not everyone is having a 'smooth journey' through life. It is of course sad, when someone has to claim for a benefit due to medical issue but it is also very satisfying that an insurance policy can help them and prevent a 'double hit', where a person has to deal with the medical problem but can't afford to take the time off work for healing.

In the face of medical adversity I do what I can to assist clients which can involve much more than completing a claim form for an insurance claim.

My Three Golden Rules

  1. Raise your words, not your voice.
  2. Love is the foundation for life. No society, relationship or culture can be sustained without love.
  3. Be kind to everyone as everyone is fighting some kind of battle.

Neither Lifetime nor I have been subject to a reliability event. A reliability event is something that might influence you in deciding whether to seek advice from either myself or Lifetime. As an example, this would be a serious event such as legal proceedings against me, or bankruptcy in the last four years.

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