Business Insurance

Protect your business from setbacks and even potential closure with adequate and tailored insurance cover. Each business has unique individual requirements, so work with us to ensure you have the cover you need, when you need it. 

Are you self-employed? Talk to us about your ACC entitlements and make sure you're getting the most out of this government scheme.

Some people are irreplaceable. Their unique talents help your business thrive and they may generate a large amount of income for the company. Talk to us today about insuring these important individuals against illness and injury.

Start-Up Income Protection is especially designed to protect you and your fledgling business during those crucial first three years. Talk to us today about how this cover will benefit you.

You want to guarantee the future of your business and know that it will continue even if you are not present. Shareholders Cover gives you the peace of mind that your business will survive the loss of a shareholder due to death or disablement.

The risks faced by business owners are even more extensive and complex than those faced by homeowners.

What would happen if a Director, CEO or key person in your business became disabled short or long term, had a serious illness like cancer, became a paraplegic or passed away? Would the business be able to continue?

Almost any business can cause accidental harm to other people or their property. You’ll be held liable for any damage that can be attributed to you.

Just like you know your trade, we know insurance. What you need, how to get it and what to do with it. Minimal paperwork, quick quotes and quality cover – our specialist Trades Package is exclusive to Lifetime.