Market & Portfolio Update - July 2020

24 August by Lifetime in Market Update, Investments

Market & Portfolio Update - July 2020

Global share markets continued to rise following the volatility we saw during March, up a further 3% in July. This continued the theme of previous months as share markets are looking through rising cases of Covid-19 in the United States to news of potential vaccine developments, higher profits from some tech companies relatively immune to the virus, and support from governments and central banks. Fixed Interest investments also made a good contribution to fund returns, with bonds rising in value amidst the continued stimulus from central banks.

In addition to the general rise in markets, the portion of global share investments that are managed in conjunction with Rothschild continued their strong performance. Standout returns came from Alibaba (Chinese e-commerce giant), Linde (multi-national industrial gas company), and Danaher (US-based conglomerate) which each gained more than 10%.

The rise in markets since March combined with the gains from our active management mean that returns over the last 12 months are now solidly positive for all of Booster’s core diversified funds. This positive gain despite the disruptions to world economies over this period is testament to the importance of sticking to an appropriate long-term financial plan during both rough and calm seas.

News alert March the 5th 2021: Three large earthquakes occurred off the coast of NZ. Civil Defence alerts buzzed cellphones around New Zealand warning of a possible tsunami on the East Coast. Updates in media and Civil Defence website were made known and Kiwis around the land in at risk areas responded to the threat.

This week the Government announced a suite of new policy with the intent to assist first home buyers into the market. This included tax changes for investors, bright-line extensions and increases to the cap on First Home Loans and First Home Grants.