Market & Portfolio Update - August 2020

10 September by Lifetime in Investments, Market Update

Market & Portfolio Update - August 2020

Global share markets rose nearly 5% in August as investors continue to digest news about ongoing vaccine developments and look for returns in a low interest rate environment.

Australian shares rose over 3% as the Covid-19 outbreak in Victoria eased. This resulted in another month of overall positive returns for funds, even as some uncertainty remains for the general economic backdrop.

For our Booster clients, the portion of members' global shares investments managed by California-based Fisher Investments added value by outperforming the general return on global share markets. This came largely from Fisher’s allocation to technology companies, such as Apple and sales software provider Salesforce. These both benefited from sales being supported by global customers looking to technology solutions to help them and their businesses through the pandemic.

News alert March the 5th 2021: Three large earthquakes occurred off the coast of NZ. Civil Defence alerts buzzed cellphones around New Zealand warning of a possible tsunami on the East Coast. Updates in media and Civil Defence website were made known and Kiwis around the land in at risk areas responded to the threat.

This week the Government announced a suite of new policy with the intent to assist first home buyers into the market. This included tax changes for investors, bright-line extensions and increases to the cap on First Home Loans and First Home Grants.