Market & Portfolio Update - May 2020

5 June 2020 by Lifetime in Market Update, Investments

Market & Portfolio Update - May 2020

Share markets across the world continued to recover solidly during May, looking ahead to a gradual loosening of restrictions, and have now recovered much of the March sell-off. The range of Booster’s core diversified funds have now delivered moderate gains over the past 12 months, a pleasing outcome given the volatility we have seen. While it would be premature to conclude that the world is out of the woods yet, the recent market recovery highlights the importance of sticking with a carefully chosen investment plan when markets are volatile.

However, the market recovery has not been even. The share market values of businesses that are more vulnerable to a period of disruption have still been most negatively affected. Our active investment choices in areas like healthcare firms, and a focus in our global shares on companies with solid cash income has helped support returns. Selectively supporting NZ companies looking to raise capital has also provided good opportunities at attractive prices. From here, we remain focused on staying adaptive, as worldwide policymakers tackle the balance between ongoing economic disruption, the pace of easing lockdown measures, and the length of economic support required to ultimately get the global economy moving again.

preview image - Lifetime Announces New CEO - Andrew Logan

Lifetime Announces New CEO - Andrew Logan

We are thrilled to announce that Andrew Logan has joined Lifetime's Senior Leadership Team as our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Reporting directly to Peter Cave, who remains our Managing Director, Andrew brings over 20 years of rich experience in financial services, encompassing national advisory roles, management, and business development across banking and insurance sectors.

13 June 2024 by Lifetime
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Understanding Income Protection Insurance and Tax Deductions

Whether you're a business owner or earning a salary, income protection insurance can offer valuable financial security in uncertain times. But did you know that you may also be able to claim the cost of your income protection insurance as a tax deduction?

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