Lifetime has a team of experienced mortgage advisers nationwide to provide full service home loan solutions for you, working with all the major providers.

Mortgages Made Simple

Whether you’re an experienced home buyer or just getting ready to take that first step on the property ladder we have the tools to help.

At Lifetime we aim to find the best mortgage to suit you and your lifestyle. We review the top products from across New Zealand and tailor a mortgage to fit your needs.

Our number one motivation is you. We have a clear understanding of the different finance options available and are consistently excited about the prospect of finding the perfect mortgage solution for our clients. We understand better than anyone the stress involved in buying a new house and, with our extensive knowledge, we can simplify the lending process so you can focus on making your new house really feel like home. Our advisers have the knowledge, the industry contacts and the buying power to ensure that your mortgage perfectly suits your needs.

Are you looking to escape the unpredictable world of renting? Buying a first home can be especially overwhelming but, by working with you, we can help you find a repayment plan that works comfortably within your budget. We can also assess if you are eligible for certain grants available to first home buyers through Kiwisaver or Housing New Zealand.

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Why Use A Mortgage Adviser?

  • Options: An adviser can review many products from a range of providers to seek the best deal.
  • Knowledge: As Lifetime advisers deal with many mortgages on a regular basis, they have knowledge on what can be negotiated in order to get the best deal possible. A mortgage adviser can often even negotiate a waiver of application fee, cash contribution for the likes of other loan break fees or legal costs and lower than advertised rates!
  • Motivation: A mortgage adviser is paid in commission from the lenders, this is at no cost to you the consumer as it’s from the buying power piece above. This highly motivates them to ensure your needs are looked after and to deliver an exceptional service to you, their client.
  • Service: Essentially a mortgage adviser is a free expert for you, to answer every question, manage every process and act on your every need. For free. They are also there for you as an ongoing service as and when you need.
  • Value: An adviser is driven to get you the best deal, as this is their value proposition to you. If clients didn’t want to save money through better advice, rate or loan structure, then they’d all go direct.
  • Expertise: As mortgage experts, advisers know all the tricks and tips to maximise the return on your investment. Whether it’s loan structure, KiwiSaver opportunities or equity leverage.

An Expert On Your Side

Think of a mortgage adviser as your personal expert on lending. Our value is that we are driven by your needs. We are impartial advisers and are not tied to any one lending institution such as a bank. This means we have a widespread knowledge on a range of mortgage options, not just one product, and we will always guide you towards the option that best fits with your financial goals.

It doesn’t matter if this is your very first home or another addition to your investment portfolio – buying a new house is stressful. Take the time now to talk to one of our trusted advisers in order to secure a mortgage that will work for you now and in the future.

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The average actual age for New Zealanders to pay their mortgage off is 60. (, 2015).