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Now more than ever, having an expert in your corner for investment property lending is critical. With the recent changes in LVR (loan to value ratio) requirements, many are getting caught up in red tape that now exists. However, using the equity in your home can still be an effective way to get started on the investment property ladder.

Lifetime advisers can assist in ensuring you get the best leverage possible with your lender.

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18th Oct by Robbie Crawford

As the housing market remains hot and the Reserve Bank dishes out stricter lending rules to New Zealand’s major banks, many first-time home buyers, often younger people, are finding it difficult to get their first mortgage. For many of you, this will be affecting your nearest and dearest, and it’s you, as family, they’re looking to for assistance. Lifetime’s Financial Adviser Robbie Crawford has a few tips (or mortgage hacks) for those hoping to give their loved ones a helping hand onto the property market.

With most banks requiring a 20 percent deposit to obtain a home loan, raising the initial capital can be the most difficult part for many first-time buyers, here’s how you can help.