Grow your wealth with smart debt

The right loan structure will go a long way towards securing your financial future.


That's why we take the time to understand you individually. By knowing what your priorities are, we can structure your loan to give you the most benefits – whether it's flexibility, a low fixed repayment, or becoming debt-free sooner.

Whatever your goal, you'll benefit from our longstanding relationships with finance providers. Using our leverage, we can negotiate a better deal that could save you thousands.

​Whether it be a mortgage, refinance or just a top up, we have all your home loans needs sorted.

A personal loan can help you get from A to B; from consolidating your debt, to a much needed holiday or a new car - talk to the experts who can tailor a solution to fit your needs and be in your best financial interests.

Realise your business growth goals with smart finance that allows you to invest in opportunities to generate a return. 

At Lifetime, we have a specialist Commercial Finance team with the expertise to service your business finance needs. From their business banking reviews, Neville Whitworth and Richard Craven have saved their clients significant costs in interest, and removed unnecessary security holds over personal assets. 

As specialists in investment property lending, we can assist you in building your property portfolio with intelligent use of lending structures and equity. 

Mortgage Calculator

Unsure how much your home loan repayments would be? Work it out now with our handy mortgage calculator. See the impact various deposits would have, and how the interest rate and length of the loan can impact the overall interest paid. For advice on how best to structure your loan, book in a free chat with one of our mortgage advisers today. 

Let's Talk - Home Loans

Buying a home doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. Deciding on a place to live is one of the most exciting and big decisions you will make. Life doesn’t always go to plan – babies arrive, illness can strike and interest rates can change. This guide is designed to give you the knowledge and power to make the process easier and smoother. After all, working with a Lifetime mortgage specialist ensures you get the best deal without the stress. 

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Ready to talk? We have a team of advisers nationwide keen to understand your needs. Click here to find a specialist Lifetime Adviser near you to make a no-obligation appointment. 

Grow Your Property Portfolio

Do you want to invest and grow your wealth with property?

An investment property is a significant financial investment and needs to be carefully considered - especially with the recent changes around LVR rules. The structure of a mortgage on an investment property is often very different from a typical family home and requires specialist advice. At Lifetime, we are experienced in designing mortgages specifically for investment properties and can guide you towards the best options for your investment portfolio.

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22nd Aug by Taviri Ono

OPINION: A mortgage tends to be the single biggest expense most home owners face, and what most of us don’t realise is that it can often provide the biggest opportunity for cost saving.

30th Jul by Clive Martin

OPINION: Whether it’s a bach at the beach, house in the suburbs or small apartment in the city, the prospect of owning an investment property has long been part of the Kiwi dream.

According to Statistics New Zealand, residential property now accounts for 32 per cent of all Kiwis’ investments (as at March 2017) – making it the highest share of investment New Zealand has seen in 45 years. This comes despite concerns about primary residential home ownership levels. 

20th Jun by Neville Whitworth

Smart business owners are now leaning on specialist advisers to negotiate improved banking structures. But exactly what does this service entail? Lifetime’s Financial Advisers Neville Whitworth and Richard Craven share tips on how your business, in certain instances, could save tens of thousands of dollars a year.