Attract and retain the best people

Group Schemes

Group schemes are an excellent way to attract and maintain the best possible staff your industry has to offer. At a relatively low cost to the company you can offer your employees personal insurance cover.

Group Schemes

Your employees are essential to your business. Those who have a real passion for their jobs and enjoy coming to work every day are worth their weight in gold. A group insurance plan is a great way to give back, to make sure that their service is appreciated and to help retain your valuable staff members.

Group schemes are a valuable benefit for employees. Some form of risk insurance is an essential part of any individual’s financial plan but sometimes the price can make it unattainable for average New Zealander. As an employer you are able to buy insurance at a lower rate and secure your employees valuable cover that will protect them and their loved ones financially.


We can offer plans on the following covers:

  • Life Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Total Disablement Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Health Insurance

It might be that you already have an insurance scheme in place but you are interested in a second opinion. We can take an impartial look at your current plan and determine whether or not you and your employees are sufficiently covered.

Putting together a group insurance scheme takes a specialist. At Lifetime, we are experienced in workplace insurance management and will be able to tailor the cover to suit the needs of you and your business. The best insurance plan is one that provides the finest possible cover while fitting comfortably within your company’s budget.

It doesn’t matter if you have 5 employees or 500 we can help. Talk to us today about putting together a group scheme that will benefit your valued employees, now and for the future.

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