Shareholders Cover

You want to guarantee the future of your business and know that it will continue even if you are not present. Shareholders Cover gives you the peace of mind that your business will survive the loss of a shareholder due to death or disablement.

If a shareholder dies unexpectedly it could easily throw the whole company into chaos. Their shares will become a part of their estate and could be sold by their family in order to re-coup funeral costs, final expenses, etc.

Shareholders cover allows the surviving shareholders to buy your shares should you die or become permanently disabled, ensuring that your business is financially stable during a very difficult time.

Electing a new person as a shareholder at such a delicate time could be disastrous. Trusting someone new with a deciding vote in your precious company can be difficult when they may not share your opinions or your vision going forward. A shareholders protection plan will allow the remaining shareholders to buy the shares from the estate, allowing them to keep full control of the company.

At Lifetime, we understand the complexities of business risk and can tailor a protection plan to suit your company. We have a number of tools available to protect your company from the liability of losing one of its shareholders unexpectedly.

A strong risk protection plan is an essential part of any business. We aim to support your long-term goals and work with your business as you grow and adapt. The death or disablement of a shareholder could seriously derail your business. Let us design the perfect cover so your business can continue even if a key shareholder no longer able to work.