Little Book Of Financial Wisdom

Clarity In The Midst Of A Financial Crisis

In 2020, the world experienced an unprecedented health and financial storm named COVID-19. After setting new highs in late February, the New Zealand share market fell close to 30% over the following month as the world struggled to absorb and process the potential implications of COVID-19.

Contemplate for a moment the reality of investing in markets. You can spend 30 years acquiring 100% of your wealth and in 30 days see it fall by one-third. Extrapolating that math, you’d be penniless by the time the ski season started.


  • “The only thing new in this world is the history that you don’t know” A portfolio well invested doesn’t do things in excess
  • It’s okay to look away
  • The value of advice
  • Why you should think of your adviser as your personal financial trainer Market timing is a wicked idea
  • Looking back at market environments helps us look forward
  • Don’t change long term plans due to short term “noise”
  • Resist the itch to switch
  • Business will never go out of business
  • Should I invest, delay or drip feed into the market?
  • Avoid the prediction addiction
  • Hindsight (in) 2020
  • When is the best time to be in shares?
  • The genius of regular saving into KiwiSaver
  • The greatest sharebroker tip of all time
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