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Ensure You Are Financially Protected With A Business Insurance Plan

  • Does your business have 'key people' - people who are critical to the performance of your company?
  • Do you have multiple shareholders?
  • Does your business have debt?
  • Do you have a recent financial protection plan for your business?

There are many aspects of building a business that must be carefully considered. A few key aspects include establishing start-up costs, funding expansion and growth, taking care of your staff, as well as protecting yourself against disasters and other interruptions.

While it is common practice to insure buildings and assets, it can be less obvious to remember the vital part that key staff and pre-existing financial commitments play in running your business.

Our advisers are experts in terms of their knowledge of features and policy wordings. Our aim is to gain a thorough understanding of your situation and individual needs by taking the time to fully discuss all aspects of your business. We then design the ideal risk protection solution to fit your unique circumstances.

There are three key ways to manage business risks with insurance; Debt Protection, Key Person Protection, and Shareholder Protection. Managing these risks represent “Control, Cash Flow, and Certainty”.

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18th Jun by Lifetime

At Lifetime we understand the impact that these health situations can have on you both emotionally and financially. Your Adviser can be that person who can be there to reassure you especially if you hold insurance policies; they often cover more situations than you think.

26th Feb by Nathaniel Byers

Paying for trauma cover might seem like an avoidable expense, but it can prove vital to safeguarding your financial standing should the worst happen, says Lifetime financial adviser Nathaniel Byers.