Top tips to stay social when distant, this festive season.

15 December by Lifetime

Top tips to stay social when distant, this festive season.

This is the time of year for family, friends and food - but what can you do to feel close and connect to your loved ones when they’re overseas, locked down or isolating? Here’s a few tips on staying social when distant. 

1. Collaborate, and listen together, to a Spotify playlist.

It’s a great way to listen to your friends’ and family’s favourite tunes! It’s also the perfect opportunity to convince mum to start a family plan…

2. Create a Google Hangout

Up to 10 people, no need for everyone to have an app like Facebook or What’s App. It’s easy to set up and a great option for video calling!

3. Host a game night. has over 400 games giving you the choice of a tried and true classic or something new. It’s easy to organise and completely free!

4. Get old school.

Before there was all this technology, we had telephones and physical mail. These days receiving a handwritten letter or postcard can be quite a treat!

5. Share a goal - like a 5km fun run.

Nike+ is a great free app where you can track you progress together and share your run stats. What better way to burn off that Christmas pud!

6. Digital dining. 

Each go out to a favourite cafe or restaurant and bring the laptop. When well placed at the end of the table it can feel like a natural extension of your group. Top tip - be sure to be in a quite space, with good internet, and a well charged battery!

7. Create a family chat.

Snapchat is a great way to quickly share photos and videos in the moment and other apps like WhatsApp and Messenger are a great way to remain connected throughout the day!

8. Have a virtual movie marathon. syncs to websites like Netflix, Disney+ and Neon so that you can have you annual Christmas movie marathon with all of your friends and family from the comfort of your own living room. It even has a cool chat feature so that you can connect with each other while you watch! 

9. Take an online class together.

Learn a new recipe (some Christmas cookies always go down well) or maybe an art class where everyone can explore their creative side. A 1-month free trial with SkillShare is perfect for this festive season, but YouTube is always a great place to go for a quick free tutorial!

10. Host your own pub quiz.

Kahoot! gives you the option to create your own quiz or play the thousands of quizzes that other users have created. All you need to do is connect your own device via your web browser and you are ready to go!

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