Market & Portfolio Update - September 2022

17 October 2022 by Lifetime in Market Update

Market & Portfolio Update - September 2022

September was another volatile month for global financial markets, as central banks reiterated how far they are willing to go to get inflation back to long-term target levels. For example, in the US, this caused interest rates on bonds to rise by around 0.70%, weighing on the returns of bond investments. Share markets were also volatile, as investors came to grips with higher interest rates and slowing economic growth.

While volatility like this can be unnerving for investors, financial markets experience these kinds of events from time to time.

The New Zealand dollar tends to fall during periods when financial markets are volatile, supporting the value of unhedged overseas investments. This is exactly what has happened this time, with the falling New Zealand dollar resulting in unhedged global share investments performing 15% better over the past 12 months than if the foreign currency was hedged or locked in.

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Lifetime Announces New CEO - Andrew Logan

We are thrilled to announce that Andrew Logan has joined Lifetime's Senior Leadership Team as our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Reporting directly to Peter Cave, who remains our Managing Director, Andrew brings over 20 years of rich experience in financial services, encompassing national advisory roles, management, and business development across banking and insurance sectors.

13 June 2024 by Lifetime
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Understanding Income Protection Insurance and Tax Deductions

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