Market & Portfolio Update - September 2020

12 October by Lifetime

Market & Portfolio Update - September 2020

Global share markets eased modestly in September, after performing very well since March. Markets were weighed down by investors locking in some profits from companies that have performed well in previous months. Examples include Apple in the US, and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and a2 Milk in New Zealand.

Bond markets meanwhile were up 0.50% on average, as demand for ‘safe-haven assets’ rose. They were supported by comments from the US Federal Reserve that they will continue to support economic growth through a policy of low interest rates which directly benefit the price of bonds.

In general, investments have continued to perform well, despite the unfortunate circumstances that this year has brought. Stimulus from governments and central banks has helped support financial markets.

News alert March the 5th 2021: Three large earthquakes occurred off the coast of NZ. Civil Defence alerts buzzed cellphones around New Zealand warning of a possible tsunami on the East Coast. Updates in media and Civil Defence website were made known and Kiwis around the land in at risk areas responded to the threat.

This week the Government announced a suite of new policy with the intent to assist first home buyers into the market. This included tax changes for investors, bright-line extensions and increases to the cap on First Home Loans and First Home Grants.