Market & Portfolio Update - March 2021

5 April by Lifetime in Market Update

Market & Portfolio Update - March 2021

For The Financial Year Ended 31 March 2021

The March market update reflects a theme of ongoing strength in global sharemarkets, but weakness in assets whose value is mainly driven by changes in long-term interest rates. Overall returns for the year ended March have been very strong, despite some recent drag on portfolios with high allocations to fixed interest securities (bonds). These have seen some weakness as long-term interest rates have risen, and a little softness in NZ shares lately.

The first quarter also saw the anniversary of the fastest market correction ever seen - during February and March 2020. The subsequent 12-month returns for many asset classes reflect the sharp recovery from those lows, providing a vivid reminder of the merits for a disciplined long-term investment approach.

Central banks and governments are committed to continuing their support for the global economic recovery for some time, thereby keeping short-term interest rates very low and fiscal policies expansionary. This provides investors with both unprecedented challenges and opportunities, “the risk is to search for yield in all the wrong places”. Financial research company DALBAR, has attempted to quantify the effects of poor behavior on investors’ long-term returns. According to their 2016 study, the average individual investor underperformed the broad share market by 2.89% over the past 20 years. The lesson of course is to work with an Adviser who understands your goals and can keep you on track.

preview image - Reflecting on 2021

Reflecting on 2021

Kiwis won’t forget 2021, the year of sudden change to the way we live in New Zealand following the outbreak of Covid and the lengthy lockdowns that followed for some, but not others.

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Top tips to stay social when distant, this festive season.

This is the time of year for family, friends and food - but what can you do to feel close and connect to your loved ones when they’re overseas, locked down or isolating? Here’s a few tips on staying social when distant. 

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