Landlord's Protection

Renting out your house can be daunting but we can help put your mind at ease by finding the right cover to protect your property while you’re not there.

Landlord’s Insurance is the perfect way to protect your rented property while you rent it out. Accidents and natural disasters happen and it is important to protect yourself and your significant investment against the unforeseen.

Having to make repairs or even rebuild your investment property would cause a huge amount of financial strain. The right cover will ease the financial stress, not only covering the cost of replacing your property but also additional costs such as architect fees, demolition and and debris removal.

Not all policies are alike and as completely independent financial advisers we can assess your situation and find the perfect policy to suit your needs. Your insurance plan needs to fit in comfortably with your budget as well as provide you with sufficient protection against the worst.

Often, items such as whiteware, curtains, furniture and other chattels are left in a rental property for tenants to use. If they become damaged, repairing or replacing them can become very expensive. We can make sure your contents are covered sufficiently while tenants are in your rental home.

It may be that you become legally liable for damage or injury that occurs because of your rental home. The right policy will cover your financial responsibility as well as the legal costs associated with these liabilities. 

Your rental property and the income it provides is a significant part of your long financial plan. The right insurance will give you peace of mind knowing that if the worst happens your investment is protected.

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