Income, Mortgage & Rent Protection

Provide peace of mind that you can maintain the lifestyle you've built and your home will stay your home, even if unable to earn an income or continue your mortgage / rent repayments.

Your ability to earn an income is a valuable asset, no matter how much you make. Even if your health gets in your way of your employment, having an ongoing income shouldn’t be something you need to worry about.

It’s a major financial commitment to own your own home, so protecting your mortgage repayments is vital to keep you and your loved ones in the home you’ve worked so hard for.

Joining the workforce and starting a career is an important milestone. Job security shouldn’t have to weigh on your mind while you climb the career ladder. Many of us don’t think our jobs are at risk but everything can change in an instant.

Moving into your ‘own’ place is exciting. Whether it's by yourself, with a partner or with flatmates, you get to take control of your finances.

After just 4 weeks of a loss in income, 55% of New Zealand households will be unable to cover their expenses. (Statistics NZ, 2014).