Don’t think of your mortgage as static. Interest rates change and so do your personal goals. Sit down with one of our experienced advisers today to see if refinancing is right for you.

Refinance Your Mortgage The Smart Way

Think of refinancing your mortgage as an important part of your financial plan. As your lifestyle changes so do your mortgage needs. Our expert advisers can help you rework your mortgage to better fit with your aspirations going forward.

At Lifetime we can help you decide if it’s a good time to refinance your mortgage. We are lending experts and know when to make the most of low interest rates and when to sit tight. We are committed to your long-term financial goals and will find the best refinancing option to suit you and your needs. Interest rates are always changing and it’s hard to be certain if now is the perfect time to refinance. Let us evaluate your options and assess what you need most from your mortgage.

Your mortgage is a valuable commodity. Banks will often offer you cash incentives to refinance with them. We can help you navigate these numerous offers and negotiate the best possible terms. Ideally, these cash incentives will cover the cost of refinancing and may even leave some cash in your hand.

We are specialists in interest rates, mortgage structures and negotiating with the banks. We take the guess work out of refinancing - let's sort the ideal mortgage for you. 


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preview image - Reflecting on 2021

Reflecting on 2021

Kiwis won’t forget 2021, the year of sudden change to the way we live in New Zealand following the outbreak of Covid and the lengthy lockdowns that followed for some, but not others.

preview image - Top tips to stay social when distant, this festive season.

Top tips to stay social when distant, this festive season.

This is the time of year for family, friends and food - but what can you do to feel close and connect to your loved ones when they’re overseas, locked down or isolating? Here’s a few tips on staying social when distant. 

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preview image - Market & Portfolio Update - November 2021

Market & Portfolio Update - November 2021

News of the new Omicron variant broke late in the month, resulting in modest volatility in global share markets. Markets don’t tend to like uncertainty, and it is still early in terms of understanding the Omicron variant. Much more data is required, but initial suggestions are that it is more transmissible but potentially less severe than the Delta variant. Vaccine makers are also optimistic that existing vaccines will provide some protection, and Omicron specific vaccines can be developed reasonably quickly if required.

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