Mortgage Top-Up

Take advantage of your biggest asset and consider topping up your mortgage to finance a new car, home renovation or your dream wedding day.

Top-Up With A Mortgage Top-Up

Think of refinancing your mortgage as an important part of your financial plan. As your lifestyle changes so do your mortgage needs. Our expert advisers can help you rework your mortgage to better fit with your aspirations going forward.

At Lifetime we can help you decide if it’s a good time to refinance your mortgage. We are lending experts and know when to make the most of low interest rates and when to sit tight. We are committed to your long-term financial goals and will find the best refinancing option to suit you and your needs. Interest rates are always changing and it’s hard to be certain if now is the perfect time to refinance. Let us evaluate your options and assess what you need most from your mortgage.

Your mortgage is a valuable commodity. Banks will often offer you cash incentives to refinance with them. We can help you navigate these numerous offers and negotiate the best possible terms. Ideally, these cash incentives will cover the cost of refinancing and may even leave some cash in your hand.

A Mortgage Fit For You

Your mortgage needs to fit with your life stage. When you first purchased your home a fixed mortgage may have been the best option as it offered you security and stability. Of course, there can be some disadvantages to this structure and, as your financial situation changes, you may want to take advantage of a floating rate that will allow you to make extra repayments without any penalty. You could even split your mortgage and take advantage of both structures, it just depends on what works best with your lifestyle.

We are specialists in interest rates, mortgage structures and negotiating with the banks. Let us take the guess work out of refinancing and use our knowledge to guarantee you the ideal mortgage going forward.