MyLifetime User Guide

MyLifetime User Guide

MyLifetime Version 2.0. Release Date: 26/01/2022


Go to

Enter your email address.

You will be emailed a unique code, enter that code and you're in.

Once logged in, click the menu icon on the top left. From the navigation, select 'Investments'. To view a report, simply click on it. From there you can download, share and save your reports. 

If you haven’t already on your mobile, visit and enter the email linked with your MyLifetime account. This will send a unique code to your email, enter this code in the app. When you’re logged in, save the app to your home screen in 3 easy steps:

On Apple Phones

1. Click the share icon at the bottom of the window.

2. Click 'Add to Home Screen'.

3. Click 'Add'.

On Android Phones

1. Click the menu icon (3 dots in upper right-hand corner).

2. Click 'Add to Home Screen'.

3. Click 'Add'.

You’ll need to enter these manually under the ‘assets’ and ‘debts’ sections of the menu to get a snapshot of financial situation. Add these by simply ticking the + icon on the top right of these pages.

Double-check you’re accessing the correct link - - and entering the same email address registered with your account. If you’re unsure which email address is linked with your MyLifetime account or still having problems logging in, please email for assistance.

Please email this request to and we’ll send a login link to the new email address.


A good goal should be specific about what you want to accomplish. For example

  1. I want to save $100,000 for a home deposit by 2024.
  2. To build my investment portfolio to $400,00 by to ensure I have enough income to live a comfortable retirement.
  3. I want to save for two week holiday in Australia with my family.

A good goal should achievable/realistic, and relevant to what you want to accomplish in life based on what’s important to you. A good goal also needs a suitable timeframe of when you wish to achieve it by.

Currently, the MyLifetime App shows only life, trauma, disability and income insurance policies (not health, car, contents or home insurances just yet, although watch this space!). The policy must also be with Lifetime to display on the app. If you can’t see the policy, but it’s with Lifetime, please get in touch by emailing

A net wealth target varies depending on individuals’ circumstances and lifegoals. For example, some people wish to spend more on holidays and experiences, whereas some prefer to save a larger amount for retirement etc. This is unique to each individual and is best discussed with your financial adviser.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the MyLifetime app! If there’s a feature you’d like to see included or if you wish to report a bug, please email us at

Debt is money owed to another party. This includes mortgages, student loans, credit card debt, pay later services, and any other type of loans. Debts can be categorised as good (those that add value to your life) and bad (which take away from your net worth). It is recommended to speak to a financial adviser to make sure you have the right debt-income ratio suitable for your living situation.


Set some simple goals to keep on track and motivated! The goals feature in MyLifetime is simple but fun - add a goal image, title, story, cost and target date. When you achieve a goal, click complete.

For more comprehensive financial goal setting and cash flow forecasting, book in to see your Lifetime Financial Adviser.

For those of you who like to track your net wealth with a very simple interface, we have the assets, debts and net wealth sections. Again this is a very simple feature, and for more detailed financial position tracking, be sure to see your Lifetime Financial Adviser. 

To add an asset or debt, simply click the + button on the top right. For assets, you can add an image, name and value. For debts, you can add an image, name, provider, balance, interest rate and set a fixed rate expiry date. 

Available Data

Life insurance, trauma, disability and income insurances through Lifetime are all available to view in MyLifetime.

The data available includes:

  • Person insured
  • Description
  • Cover amount
  • Policy type
  • Policy status
  • Yearly Premium
  • Payment Frequency

Health, home, contents and car insurances are not currently available in MyLifetime but are due for release shortly.

Available Data

Quarterly, six monthly and annual investment reports are available to view and download as PDFs.

Update your personal details with a profile picture, name and address.

We have all sorts of exciting new features lined up for MyLifetime, including;

  • Current KiwiSaver balances.
  • Investment balances.
  • Retirement calculator. 

Got a feature suggestion or support query?

Email us on