Syd Hanna

Financial Adviser

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  • Company risk assessments.
  • Helping with shareholder agreements and covering the shareholders.
  • Help protect the key staff to maintain company profit.
  • Making sure families are covering debts and protecting their life style.
  • Helping clients at claim time to easy the stress.
  • Looking at the bigger picture and recommending our many services.

About Syd

Syd has over 29 years in the financial industry, giving advice on personal and business risk insurance. In 2007 he achieved the Millions Club with Fidelity Life, with over a million dollars in (Risk only) in force premium. Syd has previously worked for the BNZ, was an agent for AMP for 10 years achieving membership in AMP's "Half Million Dollar Club". One of Nelson's largest in force risk businesses, Syd Hanna Insurance Brokers Ltd merged with Camelot in 2010 and is continuing to provide ongoing advice and support to his new and existing clients.

My Three Golden Rules

  1. Never suggest someone do what I wouldn't do.
  2. Put yourself in the clients shoes.
  3. Never under-deliver.

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