Bruce Cameron

Financial Adviser

B.Soc.Sci. (Hons) G.Dip,Bus.Stud (PFP), AFA

M: 021 752 670 |


  • Investment plans.
  • Income during life and non-earning years.
  • Business growth and success.
  • Health insurance.
  • KiwiSaver.
  • Estate planning.

About Bruce

Hello, my name is Bruce, and I like helping people make good decisions about life, I enjoy helping people make sensible decisions about money management and wealth creation. I specialise in people relationships in helping clients clarify their thinking and planning with respect to life, relationships, money, and wealth creation, through research and proven life principles.

My interests outside of work are family, business, travel, cycling, tennis and watching rugby league. Please make contact so I may assist you with your life plans.

I Am Passionate About

  • Meeting people and hearing their life story and how we can make a meaningful difference in their financial life
  • Successful life outcomes of clients
  • Peace of mind knowing money matters and finances are on track
  • Family, close friends and travel to new places
  • Photography
  • Teaching people effective money management skills

My Three Golden Rules

  1. Be honest with myself and others
  2. Continual learning and improvement
  3. Have fun and enjoy life's many opportunities!

Get In Touch

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