Why You Need To Review Your Insurances

As a valued Lifetime client we want to make sure your insurance cover is still fit for purpose. You have insurance for a reason, let’s make sure it’s meeting your needs.

Taking a quick moment now to review your cover could save you the angst of finding out too late it hadn’t been updated to meet your lifestyle changes or take advantage of new, updated policies and options.

A review is important to ensure you have the best cover option in place. In particular, if any of these things apply to you since your last review it’s time for a chat;

  • Has your income changed?
  • Have your expenses changed?
  • Have you acquired or sold assets?
  • Do you have different debt levels?
  • Has your relationship status changed?
  • Has your health changed?
  • Have you had, or are you planning to have children?
  • Are you planning on buying a home?
  • Have you made changes to any investments, KiwiSaver or savings goals?
  • Are you planning for or nearing retirement?

Even if you haven't had any lifestyle changes, providers change their policies on a regular basis with new and more comprehensive options coming out often. 


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