Insurance & Financial Solutions For Families

Insurance For Families

At Lifetime we are proud to assist in financially securing Kiwi families. When it comes to financially protecting what you love, family always come first. Should accident or illness strike and impact your income, there are solutions to ensure your living expenses and mortgage payments continue, to ensure you can access quality care quickly and, most importantly, to ensure you have the time you need. 

With new products available to give even greater levels of cover, unique offers from each provider, ways in which to optimise your cover for the cost, and the changes that occur throughout your life, it has never been more important to use the expertise of an adviser to ensure your solutions meet your needs.

When Health Issues Strike Your Family, What You Really Need Is Time


When tailoring insurance with families in mind, there are a number of products and add-ons to give more cover and value, but perhaps most importantly they can afford you time - time to recover, time to support, and time with your family. As well as the core life and medical insurances, we will explain and consider:

familiy insurances circles 01Children’s Trauma Insurance

Children’s Trauma Insurance is an often overlooked product that offers cover if a child suffers a traumatic or critical event and needs parental care. The financial impact of a caregiver taking time off from work to be with a sick child can be devastating. This is why we offer specialised Children’s Trauma Insurance, so if the worst does happen you can focus on your family in this difficult time with-out suffering loss of income. We’re here to chat if you think this cover might be right for you and your dependents.

Non Pharmac Cover

Non pharmac funded treatments, while approved by Medsafe, can be prohibitively expensive. Non Pharmac Cover is available with selected medical insurance policies, but not all have it built in without incurring extra costs. Clients can be shocked and concerned when they find out their policy does not include coverage for treatments unfunded by the Government or public system. Cancer treatments often involve non pharmac claims which highlights the need for personalised medical coverage.

familiy insurances circles 02Dependent Care Cover

Dependent Care Cover is specifically for caregivers that need to stop working in order to undertake full time care of a family member. Some providers have this option built into their Income Protection and others have it as an added option, increasing your premium. Dependent Care Cover provides the peace of mind that your salary will continue even if you become unable to work, and it makes sense to allow for the possibility a family member may require full time care.

Specific Injury Cover

Some providers offer built in injury cover as part of your Income Protection benefit, but often they are added on at extra cost to you. With Specific Injury Cover, if you suffer a specific injury (such as a broken bone), you will be entitled to a lump sum amount with no stand down period. Unlike normal Income Protection, you don’t have to be off work to receive this benefit. The injury in itself warrants coverage of your claim. It is the ideal addition to include with your Income Protection, ask our friendly advisers about it today.

familiy insurances circles 03Specialists and Tests Insurance

An optional add-on to medical cover and occasionally a standalone benefit, Specialists and Tests Insurance covers you for non-surgical and hospitalisation treatments such as MRIs, X-Rays and CT Scans. These diagnostic type tests are common and can be frequent. The cost of these procedures as well as specialist visits may quickly build up, putting pressure on finances. Specialists and Tests Insurance cover is a good option to ensure is part of your overall medical insurance in the event of associated non-surgical related costs.

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The most important part in our son's recovery cost the most. His family at his bedside everyday! ...The team at Lifetime handled everything. ...Money is not precious. Time is precious. It can happen to you. Be prepared, insuring your children is ensuring them the best future they can have.
- Lifetime client.

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