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Behind every successful business is a team to ensure maximum efficiency and well-thought-out decision making.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and the same could be said for your business.

Behind every successful business is a team to ensure maximum efficiency and well-thought-out decision making. Having an adviser behind you to help you through challenging times and reach your financial goals is essential to a thriving business. As a business owner, you shouldn’t expect yourself to be an expert in all aspects of running a business. Instead, there are services available to you to help guide you through your business plan and make sure that you are on track to achieving your goals, giving you more time to focus on how you would like to run your business (and live your life). Business advisory is a key service to help your business grow and adapt to the ever-changing world around us by keeping you compliant but also ensuring development throughout your business.

Our Services

  • Business advisory and coaching

  • Accounting and compliance services

  • Book-keeping and outsourced finance

  • Property accounting

  • Business valuations

  • Succession planning

  • Financial planning

A business adviser can help you in many ways and provide you with the knowledge that you need to help your business go far. Lifetime’s Business Advisory offers you a unique experience to encourage your business to flourish, you can find out more about our unique approach below.

Your Own, Uniquely Tailored, Business Plan

No one business is the same, so our advice process gives you the freedom to establish your own business plan which our advisers can check in on and see how you are progressing. The aim is to guide you in making small steps to achieve a wider goal and create a positive impact. This then holds you accountable for your own decisions and success along the way. We ensure that your methods are the most efficient and effective for you so that your financials are as straightforward as possible.

Proactive Communication

Our services are relationship driven, meaning that we strive to build trust and rapport with our clients through ongoing communication. By listening and communicating, we can develop an understanding of your perspective and goals for your business which therefore helps us build a business plan uniquely tailored to you. Along with regular advisory meetings, we also provide you with reporting packs to keep you up to date on how you are financially tracking alongside your goals.

What get's measured, gets managed.

In some cases, putting pressure on yourself to be the master in all areas of your business can lead to you seriously falling behind in others, possibly without you even realising it. By offloading some of the responsibility of completing taxes to your adviser we can be proactive in assisting you to alleviate this pressure. We assign a dedicated adviser to your account so that you always have a point of contact no matter the query.

Utilising Technology for Maximum Efficiency

In today’s world, the latest technology is the most effective method of communicating, reporting, and working. We want to help you utilise the technology available to you to maximise your efficiency. As a Xero Partner, we can streamline processes for you and check in on how you are going. Software like Xero can become your one-stop-shop for all things financial, it has features for payroll, bookkeeping, and inventory. You can also easily collaborate with your employees and connect from any type of device no matter your location.

A major advantage of working with our business advisory is that you have access to all the other services that Lifetime provides, including insurance, mortgage, investment, and KiwiSaver advice. If you would like to learn more about Lifetime Accounting & Business Advisory, read all about it here or click the let’s talk button to book in a no-obligation meeting with a member of our team.

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