About KiwiSaver

You need to be certain that your KiwiSaver is working for you. Simply putting in your monthly contribution and hoping that it will be enough for your retirement is not enough. Become an active investor and talk to an adviser today.

About KiwiSaver


KiwiSaver can be a great benefit to your life in New Zealand if it is properly managed. It can be a tool to provide a comfortable retirement or help towards your first home. It all depends on how you manage your KiwiSaver in the long-term.

At Lifetime, we fully understand the ins and outs of KiwiSaver and can assess your lifestyle and guide you towards the best possible funds for your situation. By optimsing the funds you are invested in and the contributions you make, we may be able to significantly increase your overall balance, giving you the security you need for your retirement.

The younger you are the less likely it is that you will be able to rely on New Zealand superannuation for your retirement. This only increases the importance of your KiwiSaver. We can help you make the most of your contributions to ensure your money is being invested into the right funds. As you get older, we will continue to monitor your funds, helping you to adjust where your money goes and ensure the funds investment objectives are aligned with your own.

If you have KiwiSaver you will benefit from talking to one of our experts. Simply relying on the scheme you may have been automatically enrolled in is not enough if you are truly interested in making your KiwiSaver work for you. We can help by talking to you about the different funds and guiding you towards the best direction to help your financial future.

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KiwiSaver has been the most successful public private partnership in New Zealand’s recent history and has persuaded more than 1.7 million New Zealanders to commit to long term savings for retirement, well beyond the initial expectations of Government. (FSC, 2016).

30th Aug by Joe Byrne

It is the Custodian’s job to safeguard your assets and hold them in bare trust for your benefit. This means that if there are any financial problems with the Fund Manager, your investments are ring-fenced in a separate legal entity.

31st Jul by Joe Byrne

One of the fundamentals of investing is the time value of money. If you make an investment with your capital, you need to be compensated for the use of your money. Generally speaking, the longer the investment term the higher the return.

5th Dec by Julian Lingard

When you analyse the habits of those considered financially successful, you start to see trends in their everyday behaviour, Julian Lingard says.

1. They keep learning

Once they’ve identified areas in which they want to gain wealth, they start educating themselves in those fields.

Invest in your self-knowledge by reading the relevant books, following the right bloggers and spokespeople, and keeping up to date with policy changes in the news. A lot of websites in New Zealand even send daily or weekly updates to your mailbox. There are tons of resources out there (although it’s important to first check their credibility) that will help educate your financial decisions.