Farmer's Disability Cover

Running a farm is different to any other business which is why your Disability Income Protection needs special consideration. Talk to us today about Farmer's Disability Cover.

Farmer's Disability Cover

As a farmer your Disability Protection needs are unique. Proving your income is more difficult for you than most and your risk fluctuates throughout the year. Farmer’s Disability Cover is a special insurance that takes your needs into consideration, providing a more comprehensive cover for your situation.

Farmers can’t just call in sick. If you are unable to work it is a serious issue and your absence can cause major problems for you and your farm. Farmer’s Disability Income can provide a monthly benefit for a set period of time while you focus on getting healthy.

The cover is paid directly to the business and can be used for whatever purpose necessary. It may be that you need to hire extra hands, buy extra machinery or purchase supplementary feed. Whatever the situation, you will have the funds to support your business.

Working where you live will always bring additional risk. It is important that you protect you and your family from the unexpected. By protecting yourself, you are ensuring that your family will be able to rely on the farm even when you are too sick to work. At Lifetime, we have experienced rural advisers who can help tailor the perfect insurance plan to suit you and your lifestyle. Trust us to provide the best risk protection plan possible.

Protecting yourself against risk is an important part of any financial plan. A lot is depending on your ability to get up and go to work each day. You need a plan in place that will take care of you, your farm and your family if you should become sick or injured.

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