Loss Of Rent

Your rental income is a valuable part of your monthly finances and if it ceases you will feel its absence. We can help you secure a policy that will protect your rental income against a number of eventualities.

Loss Of Rent

If your house is badly damaged you may be unable to rent it out. We can help you find the perfect insurance plan that will cover your lost income while you focus on repairing or rebuilding your property.

You can’t guarantee people's character. It might be that you need to evict your tenants or that they may vacate your premise without notice. We can help ensure that you still receive your rental income while you search for another tenant.

Your rental property is an important investment. Don’t let one accident or a single tenant cause you a huge financial set-back. Landlord’s insurance is a vital part of a solid financial plan. Protect your asset now so its value can continue to grow in the future.

Find An Adviser

18th Jun by Lifetime

At Lifetime we understand the impact that these health situations can have on you both emotionally and financially. Your Adviser can be that person who can be there to reassure you especially if you hold insurance policies; they often cover more situations than you think.

26th Feb by Nathaniel Byers

Paying for trauma cover might seem like an avoidable expense, but it can prove vital to safeguarding your financial standing should the worst happen, says Lifetime financial adviser Nathaniel Byers.