Business Banking Reviews

Utilise the expertise of specialist banking and commercial property advisers Neville Whitworth and Richard Craven to boost your company’s profitability.

Improve your current banking structures

Are you paying too much for business banking facilities? A business banking review is an annual financial health check undertaken by our specialist commercial finance advisers to identify possible improvements, opportunities and savings for companies to ensure that their banking facilities align with their current business goals.

Aimed at medium and large-scale businesses with personal and business lending over $1m, a business banking review can help owners avoid overpaying for facilities by looking at their total banking package including lending levels, terms and conditions, covenants and security in comparison to what the marketplace can offer.

As experts in the field, Lifetime Group commercial finance advisers service your business needs with the view of what the entire market has to offer. They negotiate on your behalf with your existing bank as well as an array of other institutions to get you the most competitive packages.

As your business strategy evolves, it’s important to review the banking structures you have in place and adjust them if needed in order to ensure improved cash flow and reduced costs. Because banks have different positions on various types of banking applications, Lifetime Group’s specialist commercial financial advisers can save you time and money by navigating all existing deal structures and manage the application process on your behalf.

Through its unrivalled suite of full business risk management products, Lifetime Group offers clients peace of mind knowing they’re getting expert advice and support on their business journey, and saving money in the process.

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Neville Whitworth

I am a Financial Adviser contracted to Lifetime. My specialist areas are Business, Property Finance, Rural and Residential lending plus Business Reviews. My approach sees me working independently with all the Banks, to provide customers with the most competitive finance package in the market to suits their needs.

Richard Craven

With over 30 years in the Banking industry, 25 of which have been in the Business, Commercial, Property Development and Regional leadership roles, Richard has a wealth of knowledge he shares with his clients.

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