Business Lending

Make your debt work for your business with smart lending.

Finance Your Business Growth

If you want to grow your business or you are just starting out, business finance can provide the capital you require. Whether it’s a business loan, overdraft facility or other arrangement, we can ensure you get the best structure to meet your needs, keep your repayments affordable and reduce the total interest and cost. 

Business loans can assist with investment in expansion, product development, stock and assets, business acquisition, commercial property purchase, manufacturing equipment; anything and everything to do with building your business.

With a wide range of providers including all the major banks as well as an array of other lenders, we can negotiate and arrange a deal on your behalf - all at no additional expense to you.

An Expert On Your Side

As business experts, our business advisers can not only help you seek finance but also analyse your financial accounts to review if your debt and liquidity ratios meet your needs and the likely lender requirements.

Your Lifetime adviser will also be available any time you need for amendments to your lending, top ups, early repayments or new structures as well as advice on your business finance.

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30th May by Mark Thomas

As a home owner myself, the interest rates changes offered by the banks will often grab my attention. In my role here at Lifetime as a Home Loan Adviser, I work with people from all walks of life who are trying to buy their first home. Most people have to overcome the obstacle of saving a decent deposit and KiwiSaver comes to the rescue for a number of people.

14th May by Christine Hazeldine

Paying your mortgage before you reach retirement age is the ultimate milestone for many Kiwis. But could your net worth be higher and your home loan repaid sooner, if you re-invest the equity in your home elsewhere instead? Home loan adviser Christine Hazeldine considers the options.

12th Mar by Josh Martin

Buying your first home is undoubtedly one of the biggest financial steps you can take, but not completely out of reach for the millennial generation, writes Josh Martin.