Risk Profiles

Compiling a sound risk profile is a very useful way to find the optimum level of investment for you.

Risk Profiles

Compiling a sound risk profile is a very useful way to find the optimum level of investment for you. It takes into account three factors:

  • Risk Required - the risk associated with the return to achieve your financial goal
  • Risk Capacity - the level of financial risk you can afford to take
  • Risk Tolerance - the level of financial risk you are comfortable to take

Creating a risk profile is the first step in formulating a plan based on what you want to do with your money, how long term you want to be invested and what kinds of funds you will need to be invested in.

We want to assist you in generating the best outcomes possible and our KiwiSaver specialists are here to help navigate your way through this process.

Age Based Investing

An aged based investment programe involves investing into more growth assets while you are younger, such as shares and property. As we age it makes sense to reduce our exposure to riskier assets to preserve our growing capital base so that our investment mix is suitably matched to our time horizon. Many schemes offer an automated process for this which takes away the risk of miss timing the market

It is important to understand this is not suitable for all investors as some people have different objectives for their savings or they may be more risk adverse. As always it is best to seek advice from a qualified financial adviser to see if this strategy is right for you.

KiwiSaver has been the most successful public private partnership in New Zealand’s recent history and has persuaded more than 1.7 million New Zealanders to commit to long term savings for retirement, well beyond the initial expectations of Government. (FSC, 2016).

10th Dec by Joe Byrne

Those who have been following share markets will know that returns during 2018 have been more variable (both up and down) than in the few years prior, which were unusually smooth.

12th Nov by Joe Byrne

In the past, we have written how volatility can be a friend to the long-term investor, by providing the opportunity to add to investments when prices are lower. October has provided an interesting test to this point, with global share markets finishing October down 6.5% on average (albeit only partly offsetting a 16% rise over the previous 12 months).

30th Oct by Joe Byrne

It is a changing world, one that is moving very quickly. Moore’s Law is a quoted observation that states computing power double every 2 years or so. With this rapid increase is computing power, ‘Big Business’ is putting this new technology to work (and making a profit).