Milk Insurance

On a dairy farm, milk is key and protecting it is essential. The right insurance will make sure a small accident doesn’t have huge financial consequences.

Milk Insurance

You can have all the contingency plans in the world but accidents happen and it could be that one day your milk is not suitable for collection. This could be a huge financial set-back but with the right insurance in place disaster can be avoided.

Milk Insurance will protect you against financial loss should your milk spoil. We have dealt with a number of milk claims but some of the more common reasons are:

Milk Insurance Claim Reasons

  • Natural disaster
  • Plant failure
  • Power failure
  • Human error
  • Temperature fluctuation

Contaminated milk may result in the receipt of demerit points or deduction from payment. There are many different ways your milk could be contaminated and it’s important to know that you are covered for all eventualities. Your milk is your biggest asset, it’s what provides your income and keeps your farm running. Milk Insurance will provide you peace of mind knowing that if the worst should happen your income will not be affected.

Cover is also available for failure of a dairy company to collect the milk.

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