Livestock Insurance

Raising livestock can be unpredictable and comes with a large amount of risk. Livestock Insurance will cover your valuable investment from accidental death or theft.

Livestock Insurance

Livestock will always be extremely vulnerable to weather, natural disasters or fire. The elements will always be wild and, with the unpredictable economy, opportune thieves are becoming more common. You’ve invested a huge amount of time and money into your livestock so don’t let one event ruin months of hard work. Insuring your livestock gives you peace of mind knowing that if the worst does happen, we can find you the perfect cover to ensure your investment is covered.

Some animals are worth more than others. We can help you find a policy that will allow you to insure specified livestock for a larger amount. They can also be covered for additional circumstances, such as an accident during transport, illness or human destruction.

Bloodstock insurance is also available for race horses.

Every farm is different and so is every budget. At Lifetime, we can find you the perfect cover for you and your livestock. We are experienced in dealing with rural insurance and we understand the importance of the right business plan.

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On 30 June 2015 NZ was home to 29.5 million sheep. (NZ Statistics, 2015).

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