Pet Insurance

Don’t forget about the fluffiest member of your family! Pet Insurance will give you peace of mind knowing you can afford the best possible care for your pet when they need it most.

Protect Your Pet

Your pet is a much-loved part of your family but accidents happen; cats will always get in the way of cars and dogs will never stop eating things they shouldn’t. Protect your best friends against themselves with pet insurance.

Often, you don’t know the family history of your pet. They could have inherited any kind of congenital issue that could result in various vet bills or surgeries. Pet insurance can help with the long-term complications that can come with these common illnesses.

There are a multitude of choices available. Talk to an adviser today about which type of cover will best suit your budget. Pet insurance can cover everything from surgery to vet bills depending on the type of cover you choose.

Surgeries can cost thousands of dollars and can’t always fit into your budget. Don’t let cost become the deciding factor in your pet’s care, talk to us today to ensure your pet will always be looked after.

Find An Adviser

Some of the pet names insured with Southern Cross Pet Insurance: Richie McPaw, Johnnie Rose Love Cuddles, Neighbours Cat, Margaret Scratcher, and Harrison Pawd. (NZ Herald, 2016).

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