Health & Life

When it comes to health and life insurances to protect your lifestyle, recovery options and family - we are your expert team. 

Look after the biggest asset you have... Your health.

We never expect a major illness to strike us and we’re often unprepared for when it does happen. 

Sometimes, life can change in an instant and the futures we dreamed of can end up being vastly different. An accident or serious permanent illness might strike when you least expect, leaving you totally and permanently disabled and unable to work again.

How would you want your family to continue if you couldn’t keep taking care of them? Would you want the mortgage on your family home to be paid, and see your children head off to university?

5 Insurable Events

Are you adequately covered for these events? When it comes to ensuring you have financial protection in place for your needs should a medical condition affect your ability to earn, there are five key events to consider.  

1. Health
2. Income Protection
3. Trauma
4. Total Permanent Disablity
5. Life


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57% of Kiwi's have life insurance. (Statistics NZ, 2015)

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Moving from the default ACC Cover Plus to ACC Cover Plus Extra might sound like an expensive exercise, but when topped up with appropriate personal cover, it can cost you less per year for more comprehensive cover that pays out in circumstances of illness as well as injury.