Statutory Liability

Businesses have to work around a multitude of statutes while operating in New Zealand. Navigating the government’s rules can be difficult and sometimes not everything goes to plan. Statutory Liability Insurance will protect you financially against the dangers of breaking these statutes.

Statutory Liability Cover

Statutory Liability Insurance covers you for unintentional breaches of New Zealand’s Acts of Parliament. It will cover the defence costs involved in any legal dispute and in many cases, fines or reparations your company is ordered to pay.

Even the best run businesses make mistakes. There are over 700 statutes that your business could violate and one lawsuit could cause your business huge financial problems. Protect your business against the worst with Statutory Liability Cover.

At Lifetime, we are experts in the world of business risk and can tailor the perfect cover to suit your needs. Statutory Liability Cover will protect you against a number of New Zealand’s statutes such as:

  • Health & Safety in Employment Act (Defence costs only)
  • Consumer Guarantees Act
  • Sale of Goods Act
  • Resource Management Act

Protect yourself and your employees against serious errors. Statutory Liability Insurance will give you peace of mind knowing that you are protected against accidental violations of New Zealand’s acts of Parliament. One accident could cost your company huge sums of money and it’s possible you would never be able to recoup the losses. 

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