Public Liability

Ensure your business can continue even if you are faced with a claim for personal damage or injury.

Public Liability Insurance For Your Business

As a business owner, you may be liable for any damage or injury that occurs as a result of your business and its activities. No matter how careful you are accidents do happen and can cause significant financial setbacks. 

Public Liability Insurance covers your obligation to compensate a client or member of the public because of an accident that results in damage to property, possessions, injury or death. Public Liability Insurance will also cover the legal and court costs so your business can remain functioning despite the ongoing legal issues.

Public Liability can cover any number of situations. Builders may accidentally damage their client’s property while at work or a barista could spill coffee on a customer’s laptop. Public Liability will save you the financial headache of paying for these damages.

Depending on your business, your insurance needs will vary and by sitting down with us we can tailor a plan that fits perfectly with your business and your budget.

Now Is The Time To Review Your Cover

As your business, grows it is wise to look at your insurances and assess if they still provide the ideal cover for your situation. We can help you assess your financial situation and ensure that your business is able to withstand the worst.

Protect yourself from costly accidents and mistakes. The right Public Liability cover is an essential part of any business’s financial plan. Let us find the perfect cover for you so your business can continue no matter what.

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16th Jan by Lydia von Rönge

I grew up in South Africa, a country in which once you leave home and get your first full-time job, your parents immediately ask: ‘Do you have your health insurance sorted?’

For me that question came at a time when all I wanted to do was buy a lounge suite with my first pay cheque. But, knowing that I had to prioritise my health, the furniture had to wait.

There is a public health sector in South Africa but it is chronically understaffed and underfunded, and the wait times are astronomical. This means we’ve learnt to adopt a culture where health insurance is just another one of those protections you need.

If I’m going to insure my belongings – my car, my contents, my house – then why wouldn’t I protect my biggest assets – my health and therefore my ability to earn an income?