IT Liability

IT professionals deal with a special kind of risk. Let us help protect your business with IT and Liability Insurance.

Specialist IT Liability Insurance

As an IT professional you are responsible for huge amounts of valuable data. Companies rely heavily on your expertise and they trust your systems to keep millions of important documents safe. IT and Technology Insurance will protect you from your legal liability to reimburse your client for any damages resulting from your work.

IT and Technology Insurance will protect you from a variety of situations such as:

  • Failure to meet the client’s requirements
  • Project delay or failure
  • System performance issues
  • Faulty installation
  • Viruses
  • Breach of contract
  • System design faults

The technology industry is comparatively new and traditional insurance policies may not provide you with sufficient cover. IT Liability Insurance is a special combination of Public Liability and Professional Indemnity cover that protects you in the area in which you practise.

At Lifetime, we are dedicated to helping your business succeed and the right insurance cover is an essential part of any long term financial plan. No matter how big your business is, we can find the right policy for you.

Software solutions have become an integral part of most companies. Users depend on you to understand the complicated technology and systems. You are responsible for so much and if something goes wrong it could be disastrous. One tiny mistake could cost your company huge amounts of money and severely damage your reputation.

Let us make sure you are protected against any legal issues so you can worry about what’s important – running a successful business.

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