Fidelity Insurance

We don't like to think about it but not all employees are trustworthy. Protect you and your business against theft, fraud and embezzlement with Fidelity Insurance.

Fidelity Insurance

Fraud in New Zealand is becoming more common. The New Zealand Police estimate that businesses lose more profit from workers than the public and just one unscrupulous employee could cause a huge financial problem for your company.

Even the best-run businesses can be victims of embezzlement, in-house theft or dishonesty. Fidelity Insurance can help protect your business from the resulting financial losses. Typically, acts of fraud are usually committed by employees who have been with the company for years, who fully understand the systems and can steal without anyone noticing.

These people can take hundreds of thousands of dollars from your company right under your nose. A loss like that would be incredibly hard to recover from and could cripple even the most well established business. Even if the employee is proven guilty in court the funds are almost always spent and usually impossible to recover.

Let us protect you against this potentially devastating loss with Fidelity Insurance. At Lifetime, we are experts in business liability insurance. We can sit down with you and create the risk protection plan that will cover you and your company against the risks of employees who may steal or defraud your company.

It can be impossible to know if someone is capable of stealing when you first meet them. You need to be able to hire and manage your staff without fear of their dishonesty. Fidelity Insurance will ensure that you are fully protected against theft and embezzlement so you can continue to operate your business without worrying about what your employees could be capable of.

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