Employers' Liability Insurance

ACC doesn't cover everything - talk to us today about Employer's Liability Insurance.

Protect Your Business With Employer's Liability Insurance

It doesn’t matter how well maintained your workplace is or how well you look after your employees, mistakes and accidents can happen and they’re not always covered by ACC.

Employment Liability Insurance will cover you in case an employee takes legal action against you or your company because of an illness or an injury they have suffered at work, which is not covered by ACC. 

Generally, ACC is not able to pay a claim if the injury takes longer than 30 days to appear. This can include repetitive stress injury, melanoma or passive smoking.

Many other workplace occurrences are not covered by ACC. These include:

  • Undue stress or mental injury
  • Shock
  • Disease brought on over time
  • Disease brought on because of workplace conditions

If any employee takes legal action against you it could cause major financial issues for your company. Even if you are found not liable for the damages legal costs can add up and the disruption to your business can cause additional losses.

At Lifetime, we are experienced in all forms of business liability insurance. We can help design the perfect cover to protect you should you be found financially liable for your employee’s illness or injury.

Reducing your risk is an important part of any business. We can help mitigate any chance of liability by putting you in touch with skilled professionals who can assess your workplace and make you aware of any areas of concern.

Employer’s Liability Insurance is an essential part of any business risk plan. It protects both you and your valuable employees from the unforeseen. Talk to us today about finding the right cover for your situation so you can be safe in the knowledge that you can continue trading no matter what.

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